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4 Early Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer Which Women Must Not Overlook

    Do you know the lifetime probability of developing ovarian cancer is 1 in 78? 


    Ovarian cancer is a silent killer as most of the women are unaware that they have tumors in their ovaries. Ovarian cancer is generally diagnosed at an advanced stage when it is too late for any medical treatment to terminate the tumor.


    There is a myriad of causes for ovarian cancer, such as family history, genetics, age, delayed menopause, smoking, and more. Nowadays, there is another cause that is discussed in the media houses at large, it is the talc powder we use in our daily routine. 


    Many ovarian cancer patients have filed talcum powder lawsuits against the big cosmetic and health care house brands.


    Why is Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer Important?


    Just like any tumor, early detection is important to raise the survival rate of ovarian cancer. For ovarian cancer, 75% is the overall mortality percentage, and this can be raised to 90% with early diagnosis when the tumor is restricted to the ovaries and not moved to the other organs of the body.


    Here, in this post, we’ve rounded up four early warnings of ovarian cancer that you must not ignore:-



    • Bloating



    We all have experienced the uneasy feeling of belly fullness, known as bloating in medical terms. While bloating is normal in women, especially during the days of menopause, but not when this continues for days and even weeks. This is a red flag that you must consult a physician right away.


    The ever-long, uncomfortable bloated feel is one of the most prevalent and overlooked signs of ovarian cancer. The bloating is accompanied by a visible sign of swelling in the stomach.



    • Constipation



    Constipation is a condition that can be linked to a variety of factors, spanning from increased life stresses and anxieties. There is another thing you must not ignore when you have stubborn constipation is the slightest possibility of a tumor in the ovary.


    So, it is a no-brainer to pay close attention to daily bowel movement habits. If you are facing constipation from a pretty early age, then this is normal. But, on the flip side, if you have developed the constipation out-of-the-blue, recently, then get this condition diagnosed immediately.


    • Prolonged Pain



    Persistent pain in the pelvis, abdomen that leads to the back that lasts for weeks can be an early warning for a tumor in one of the ovaries or both. 


    While ovarian cancer is associated with a number of other conditions, too, but if the pain is new and you are not going any relief with over-the-counter painkillers, then this can be a symptom of ovarian cancer.


    Urinary symptoms that are associated with ovarian cancer are as follows:-


    • Feeling pressure/pain in the bladder


    • Frequent urination


    • Sudden, urgent need to urinate


    Unfortunately, there are a lot of similarities between the symptoms of stress-related problems and ovarian cancer, and it becomes next to impossible for most to detect. This is the reason why women don’t consult a specialist before they are finally diagnosed.



    • Difficult Eating



    Most of the ovarian cancer patients experience a sudden loss of appetite. If that’s the case with you, don’t ignore it. Speak to a female specialist now to make sure you are in the best of health always.




    We tend to turn a blind eye to the early symptoms of an ovarian tumor, simply thinking the warning symptoms are related to weight gain, stress, aging, or any sort of less serious health problems. 


    This is what makes ovarian tumors difficult to detect early when it is easily curable.