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4 Issues That Can Be Addressed With A Neck Lift Procedure

    A neck lift is considered a cosmetic procedure that works to remove excess skin and fat deposits around your neckline to create a more youthful-looking neck. The procedure enables individuals to improve their appearance of the neck, the jowls, and submental fat. After the procedure, a person will have a more defined jawline since it eliminates and smoothens excess skin found on the neck. The results of this procedure can be long-lasting; however, your neck lift surgery cannot stop the aging process. If you receive a neck lift procedure, you may experience reduced aging signs, especially within the lower part of your face. Often, the procedure is included in a facelift procedure. If you have excess fat around the neck, you may want to consider a neck lift in Reston to help give you a more youthful appearance.

    Now that you know a thing or two about the neck lift procedure, what are four issues it can address?

    1.     Fat deposits or buildup

    You will notice that as you age, fat may begin forming under the chin and the areas around the jowls. This may make you look older than you are. If you want to restore a youthful-looking neck and jowls, you may want to consider a neck lift. The procedure will allow you to get rid of fat deposits and buildups within these areas.

    1.     Helps with skin laxity

    Aging comes with many imperfections on your body’s skin. You lose your skin elasticity, complexion, and tightness. Sagging and drooping skin around the neck can make you appear older. You may want to go for a neck lift to help minimize saggy skin appearance or sagging skin on your neck. 

    1.     Muscle laxity

    Another issue that a neck lift procedure addresses is your muscle laxity. When aging, you find that the muscles located around the side of your neck begin losing their elasticity as well as structure. Opting for a neck lift will allow you to tighten that skin and bolster skin elasticity along the neck. Again, this brings a youthful look.

    1.     Sub-muscular laxity

    Aging may cause the tissue that lies underneath your neck muscles to start sagging or drooping. This, in turn, contributes to excess skin forming on your neck. Your appearance is affected as you look older. To help you restore a youthful look, you may want to have a neck lift procedure. The procedure is effective in reducing sub muscular laxity.

    These are some of the issues that neck lift surgery addresses. Before you consider the procedure, you may want to see if you are the right candidate. An Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon will help determine if you can receive the procedure. Make sure that you feel good about yourself before having the surgery. You should not consider getting a neck lift for the sole purpose of boosting your self-confidence. You have to be in good health to undergo surgery.

    Make sure you know the expectations from the surgery. Your Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon should be able to establish realistic expectations, both emotional and cosmetic, before performing the procedure.