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4 Key Reasons Why Indian Cuisine Can Be Good for You 

    `Coming as excellent news for lovers of Indian food the world over, even though some of the standard dishes on the menu in an Indian restaurant are perhaps higher than the recommended calorie intake for one meal, there are a host of health benefits to many elements of Indian cuisine. 

    With that being said, here are four key reasons why Indian cuisine can be good for you. 

    1. Indian Food Can Help Regulate Your Blood Sugar 

    More and more information is being discovered surrounding the core risk factors associated with diabetes, and you are likely already aware of the indicators that you could be showing signs of pre-diabetes yourself.

    Indian food and specifically, the high abundance of freshly prepared vegetables, is the ideal type of cuisine for those who are acutely aware of their risk of developing diabetes and want to more accurately control their blood sugar levels. 

    Both fresh vegetables and the high levels of whole grains in many Indian dishes help the body to regulate blood sugar. 

    1. Indian Food is Rich in Calcium 

    Calcium is an essential mineral for human health and the vast majority of Indian dishes contain some kind of freshly made dairy product, usually yoghurts or Indian cheeses, both of which are an excellent calcium source.

    The benefits of including more calcium in your diet include the following:

    • A lower risk of developing diabetes
    • Fully functioning nerves and muscles
    • A healthy and efficient heart 
    • Cognitive memory and general health
    • Stronger and healthier bones 

    One of the most famous Indian restaurants in the UK,, is the perfect example of a place where you can enjoy the cultural splendor of Indian cuisine in a relaxed and entertaining setting. 

    1. Indian Food Can Boost Your Mental Health 

    There are a host of ingredients used in Indian cooking, Turmeric to name just one, which are undeniably linked to promoting a natural and gradual boost in mood. 

    Turmeric and other similar spices can help the brain to produce higher levels of serotonin (the same hormone inducer contained in anti-depressants) and encourage the release of dopamine. 

    Other types of food that have been known to improve the overall emotional wellbeing of people of all ages include:

    • Leafy Greens
    • Seeds & Nuts
    • Whole Grains
    • Legumes
    • Lentils & Beans 
    • Small Amounts of Chocolate 
    1. Indian Food Improves the Strength of Your Bones 

    Another notable benefit of eating more Indian meals is the plethora of advantages it can have to the strength and overall density of every single bone in your body. 

    Calcium-rich ingredients, such as yoghurt, curd and milk can help to stave off the onset of osteoporosis, arthritis and other bone-related diseases, and what is more, as many Indian meals contain spinach and okra, there is an additional calcium boost to benefit from. 

    Other methods of ensuring your bones, as well as your teeth, are strong and healthy include engaging in regular exercise, maintaining correct posture and drinking a glass of skimmed milk every now and then.