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4 Signs Which Indicates That You Need Help

    Acceptance! This is what most people struggle with- accepting the truth and reality. Many psychologists believe that half the solution lies in getting out of the denial phase and accepting that you are facing some problems which need to be checked and corrected.

    There might be lots of struggles that you face in the present. Your childhood traumas also affect your future in a big way. But the biggest battle of all is the one you are fighting with yourself every day of your life. You cannot stop these external struggles from coming into your life, but you can sure shot stop them from affecting you so deeply. No matter how big or small, if you are suffering from inside, one day it is bound to affect you, your relationships and your career. To avoid this scenario, you need to explore yourself and look for the signs that indicate that you need help in combating these inner struggles.


    • Isolation: Feeling isolated and alone, even if you have tons of friends and family members who love you, is the biggest sign that something is going wrong with you. You push your loved ones away, tend to get irritated if they ask what is wrong with you, and then get mad at yourself for being this away. You might be in the phase where you cannot tolerate to be present in a social gathering, and even feel alone and sad while you are alone. It can get very confusing. But before these mood swings and isolation destroy your relationships and your social life permanently, you need to mend it by visiting a professional therapist and asking for help.




    • Faced a trauma: If you have faced a trauma recently or in the past, you should consider visiting a professional before the fear and insecurity hits you very deeply and stays inside of you. Incidents like the death of someone who you were very close to, a major breakup or divorce, facing physical, emotional or sexual abuse, can cause a lot of distress and disturbance in your life.  Joelle Maletis of says that individuals who have been through traumatic experiences will often need professional help in order to heal fully.




    • Unhealthy behavior: An unpredicted and unhealthy behavior is also the beginning of a dark life that you might have to lead if you do not recognize the facts and seek the help of a professional therapist. Facing insomnia or hypersomnia, binge eating or loss of appetite, reacting too much, or shutting yourself completely, being angry all the time or feeling no emotion at all, are some of the unhealthy symptoms which urge you again and again to recognize the problem and knock on the door of a therapist who will help you heal.    




    • You push everything away: Staying away from the things you used to love is another sign that you are feeling deep into the black hole. It starts with little things; staying away from traveling with your friends and family which you used to love, being lazy to watch your favorite movie, skipping your favorite meals or avoiding your favorite hobbies like music or reading, and then slowly move towards bigger things like being alone for many hours or fighting with everyone around you.