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4 Steps to Healing a Sprained Ankle

    Ankle sprains are never fun. Some sprains are minor while others are more severe. Either way, there are things you should do to help heal your ankle sprain as quickly as possible.


    Determine the Severity of Your Sprain

    There are different grades of ankle sprains so the first thing to do is to figure out how severe your ankle sprain is.


    You will usually be able to tell how severe depending on the amount of pain you are experiencing. Most ankle sprains also cause swelling and limited range of motion. If you feel that your sprain is just minor, you can most likely treat it at home. If you feel your ankle sprain is more severe, see a foot doctor in Scottsdale, AZ


    Stay Off Your Feet

    No matter what type of ankle sprain you are experiencing, you need to stay off of your feet! It may only be for a few days or it could be for a few weeks.


    Listen to your body. You will know the amount of pain your body can tolerate. Just remember that you should address an ankle sprain right away to prevent a more severe ankle injury. 


    Treating a Minor Ankle Sprain

    When experiencing a minor ankle sprain, make sure to nurse it for a few weeks.


    Start by getting plenty of rest, elevating your ankle when lying down, and also applying ice to the sprain throughout the day. It will take time to heal, but if you do these things consistently, you will be able to get back on your feet in no time.


    Visit a Podiatrist

    If your minor ankle sprain is not healing or you fear that your ankle sprain is more severe than you thought, you should visit a podiatrist to receive orthotics or physical therapy.


    In some cases, you may even need more extreme treatment such as non-surgical treatment or even surgery.