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4 Tech Products That Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals

    When you have fitness goals in mind, it can be quite an advantage to utilize technology to help you lose weight. There are many smart fitness watches, innovative equipment, and trackers that can help you set goals and achieve them in a realistic way.


    According to Sean Seshadri, the market is saturated with many different offerings for fitness gadgets. How do you know which ones stand out, and which ones can you do without? This article presents the top products that you can use to finally be in the best shape of your life.


    4 Tech Products That Can Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals


    1. The Peloton Tread


    The Peloton Tread is the leading tech product in the fitness industry according to many surveys. The Peloton is an innovator in smart indoor cycling bikes that makes use of high-energy fitness classes in the comfort of the user’s home. There is a new launch that provides treadmill classes.


    The Peloton treadmill is a 32-inch screen. This screen can be used by the runners to see live classes or they can choose to have subscriptions. There are different types of classes that range from walking, running, or other high-intensity interval training types of programs. There is also a newly launched class called “Total Body”, including different sessions such as floor classes and boot camps including strength training moves and stretching in the treadmill.


    AAt present, the Peloton Tread is only available for pre-ordering at $250. However, the full price is at $3,995 because it’s a newly released product. Additionally, class memberships are at $149 a month.


    2. Spire Swim Tracker


    It may be difficult for swimmers to find a gadget that helps them track their activity as they need a fully water-resistant device. However, swimmers can now rejoice as there is a new device from and Spire Health Tag. It’s called the Spire Swim Tracker. The gadget can be placed in athletic swimsuits, which can be found on e-commerce sites such as Once you place the suit, the device starts tracking your activity.


    You can then access your progress at This is good for those who consider swimming as their main sport, and those who engage in competitive swimming who require a number of practice hours.


    3. Suunto 3 Fitness


    A typical smartwatch has all the basic features–timers, calories burned, and a GPS-enabled tracker that helps you see which distances you have covered already. However, the Suunto 3 Fitness tries to surpass these basic features–there’s a heart rate monitor to have guidance on how you can control your workout intensity. There’s also a comprehensive feature that helps make workout plans that are suitable for your fitness goals. There are other ways to personalize your schedule which depends on the inputs you place in within the day.


    Sean Seshadri says that there’s no guarantee about the release of this smart fitness watch, but the price will be for $280.


    4. Soul Electronics Run Free Pro Bio Headphones


    The common problems of some fitness enthusiasts if the conflict of sweat damaging their devices. This is a new innovation that helps prevent you from damaging your earphones with sweat.


    Sweat-proof earbuds are accompanied by an audio-coach can help motivate you to perform your fitness tasks well. This device can also measure the different dynamics that you do during your workout session, such as the way you tilt, run, the rate of speed, and other metrics important to see your overall progress. This product released for a price of $149.99.


    As you consider these options, you can be assured that you’ll have quality products that are definitely worth the price.