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4 trusted remedies to relieve cancer pain

    Most people think that chemotherapy is the most painful part of cancer. The reality is that most cancer pain arises when the tumor is pressing on either bones, organs, or nerves of the body. This pain can range anywhere from a mild dull ache to unbearable pain. The good thing is, that it is quite possible to manage cancer-related pain in most people. Although it can not be relieved completely, certain therapies and strategies can help lessen the pain exponentially. Pain management not only improves symptoms but also the quality of life of the patient. There are many ways of managing cancer pain that have proven to be quite effective.



    It is important to understand that although physical pain cannot be reduced through psychological approaches, it can help change your perception of pain and your pain threshold. The patient should receive well-rounded care that includes focused psychological care. Short-term psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy can help increase a patient’s coping skills and can help enhance the effectiveness of other treatments. Recent studies published have shown the effectiveness of psychotherapy in managing cancer pain, so much so that the field of psycho-oncology (the psychological care of cancer patients) is booming. Building resilience and effective coping skills in patients help improve the quality of life of the patient.



    There are certain cases where the pain is so unbearable that doctors frequently have to use fast-acting medication to relieve the patient’s pain. If this continues, the doctor advises on neurosurgical approaches. A method called ablation involves disabling the nerves in the spinal cord that conduct pain impulses to the brain. This results in a significant reduction in perceived pain since the pain receptors are disabled. This technique can also be used to implant drug-devices so that nerve fibers are stimulated, resulting in the prevention of pain.



    A psychoactive plant once considered dangerous has a lot of benefits to offer to cancer patients. Weed is now legal in Canada for both medical and recreational purposes and multiple studies have shown the efficacy of marijuana in treating cancer pain. Strains such as garlic breath strain have proven to be quite useful in alleviating chronic pain along with other ailments such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The two main active components in marijuana, called cannabinoids are THC and CBD. While THC is responsible for producing the ‘buzz’ that we feel, CBD is well known for the medical benefits it provides.


    Adjuvant Analgesics

    Since opioids have been found to be quite addictive, other drugs are being considered as the first choice in effective pain management for cancer patients. Most of these drugs are better known for treating other conditions such as depression, epilepsy, and anxiety. Antidepressants, steroids, and anticonvulsants have shown excellent results in pain reduction. They are extremely helpful in treating the tingling and burning sensations felt because of inflammation.


    Fighting cancer is a long and hard battle. It is extremely important to maintain a person’s quality of life so that they are better equipped to fight cancer. These are the four most common ways to deal with cancer pain.