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4 Water Contaminants that Prove Water Treatment System is Not Just an Option for You

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    You might have witnessed that when you get a stomach ache or infection, your doctor queries about your water: “Are you drinking pure water or impure water?” The reason is that your quality of water plays a major role in your body and health condition.

    Water might be one of the most for granted things in the world because we just need to turn on our tap, and our glass gets filled with water. But do you know that the running water in your glass is way more than just a colorless liquid that quenches your thirst, washes and cleans you? Also, it is not only a compound formed by one oxygen and two hydrogen molecule but also contains substances that we never wish to enter in our body – but they do.

    We don’t know but our water contains many impurities and contaminants that we consume, not knowing that they are part of the water we are consuming. These contaminants can cause many health issues that you can’t even imagine. That’s why installing water treatment systems is not an option but a necessity.

    Here are given water contaminants that might exist in the water you are consuming right now:


    It is no brainer that the water can contain microorganisms, like bacteria, algae, and fungi, because water is a favorable and thriving medium for their growth. On top of that, there isn’t any filter to stop microorganisms from entering the water. Only one bacteria is enough to contaminate the whole water. And once the bacteria end up forming a biofilm on the surface, it gets difficult to remove it. Bacteria can infect the body and cause adverse effects.


    Viruses are biological agents that are responsible for causing severe diseases in the human body. Viruses are nonliving nucleic acids that grow and multiply in the living host. Once they enter the living body, they capture it and force the human body to create multiple copies of the virus at a rapid pace. The worst thing about them is that they can thrive in the host’s body for a long time and can affect tissues and cells’ growth.

    Inorganic Ions:

    Besides microorganisms and viruses, inorganic ions, such as chlorides, calcium, magnesium, sulphates, silicates, and other dissolved inorganic compounds also exist. They might seem merely naive compounds, but they can enter the body and react and form bonding with other useful compounds present in the body. It can affect the cell’s normal functioning, change the enzymatic activity and hinder the body’s growth.

    Suspended and Colloidal Substances:

    Suspended and colloidal substances are different from each other in their size and the way they react in the water. Suspended articles are around 1 – 10µm and settle down at the bottom. Whereas, colloidal particles are around 0.01 – 1.0µm and don’t sit at the bottom. Whatever the case, both kinds of particles can harm your body.

    See? Your drinking water isn’t always clean and clear. It can contain harmful things that you don’t even know exist. It is always better to filter out and purify the water to avoid affecting your body.