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4X4 Camping Checklist: Baja California Edition

    The Baja Peninsula is practically one long beach. It’s a popular place to go overlanding, because you can drive the coast, see new people every day and enjoy the camping lifestyle for as long you want. A jeep roof tent makes it easy to set up a campsite and stay safe. Here’s a list of things to remember if you’re planning a trip to Baja California.

    Get Your Documents in Order Before You Leave 

    You’ll need passports, your driver’s license, your auto title and registration, and a permission letter from the lienholder just to get started. The passport may take the most time, but it’s required for a jaunt into Mexico. If you’re taking your pet, you’ll want the shot records. It’s also a good idea to get Mexican auto insurance and to also carry your American auto insurance card. You should check with any authorities to make sure you have all the documentation required. Make copies of everything and put in a safe place. You may also want to exchange money before you cross the border. Get smaller denominations of pesos to have money for tips and low-cost items. Some exchange sites in Baja will only give you large denominations.

    The Best Time to Camp in Baja 

    Most people vacation in the summer, but the best times to visit Baja are the off seasons. In the summer, Baja temperatures get hot, often over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. In the fall and spring, temperatures are more temperate, in the 80s. You won’t get as much rain and it won’t be as humid. Check out this jeep wrangler soft top for sale that provides a nice touch for overlanding.

    How to Pack for a Baja Camping Trip 

    You probably know how to pack for a regular camping trip, so there’s no need to go through the basics. Traveling in Baja has some challenges that you should be aware of. Here are some specific items that can help you overcome some of the unique issues of camping along a beach:

    • Heavy duty tent stakes: it can get windy along the Pacific coast. Granted, the sunsets are stunning, but you don’t want your tent or canopy blowing over. Include extra guy lines for added stability.
    • Sand tracks: these plastic platforms can help you get unstuck in the sand.
    • Shovel and bucket: versatile tools that can be used to level the sand, deal with water or put out fires.
    • Car accessories: although Mexican mechanics are very handy, it can take time to get the right parts. Shop for truck parts online and pick up an extra fuel filter, spare belts and oil filter, just in case. Make sure to have a couple of quarts of oil and coolant.
    • Fresh water jug: you should be able to purchase filtered water in most places, but you should also have a supply, again just in case. Use filtered water for brushing your teeth and washing your hands, in addition to drinking.

    Take your 4X4 on the trip of a lifetime through Baja California. Shop for truck accessories before you leave to be prepared for your adventure.