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5 Benefits of Hand Massage for Arthritis

    Massages are often taken as an indulgence; however, when you have Arthritis, a hand massage can make all the difference between getting better and soreness. The benefits of a hand massage cannot be exhausted, but it is, most importantly, treatment for Arthritis. Even though there are medications suggested for arthritic conditions, a hand massage is always recommended because of its effectiveness. By having a regular hand massage, you end up reducing any pain associated with Arthritis as well as decreasing anxiety. A combination of a therapist massager for Arthritis as well as self-massage can help you to get rid of the pain associated with Arthritis in a short time. 

    5 Benefits of Hand Massage for Arthritis

    Over the years, research has shown that having a hand massage eliminates arthritis hand pain by more than 50 percent. That is why many people suffering from this condition have decided to indulge in hand massage therapy as an alternative treatment method. Working with a massager for Arthritis in addressing the pain you are going through is the number one step to receiving healing. Here are the eight hand massage and hand therapy benefits for Arthritis that will push you to start having a hand massage therapy.

    • Relieves pain

    When suffering from Arthritis, pain is the most debilitating symptom. As such, hand massage is recommended to do away with that pain hence bringing a lot of relief. You may be wondering how this works. When a hand massage is established, it soothes the nervous system, which in turn, switches any signals that bring about pain. That way, your entire body calms down and relaxes because of the lack of any pain signals. The human body also comes with natural painkillers, which are released in the form of happy hormones commonly known as endorphins. This hormone is released once the body gets relief from pain bringing about instant happiness and comfort. Remember that hand massage therapy aims to do away with acute pain, and it does this by improving muscle temperature as well as disrupting the signal that causes pain received from the receptors to the brain.

    • Improves circulation 

    Another great benefit that comes with having a hand massage for Arthritis is enhancing blood circulation. Regular hand massage improves the flow of blood while also eliminating any swelling. A hand massage therapy clears all the tissues affected by Arthritis hence doing away with all the swelling caused. It also boosts blood flow, slowing down inflammation while supplying joints and muscles with essential nutrients that do away with Arthritis and improving the circulation of blood. Besides that, having a regular hand massage enhances lubrication caused by your body by securing all the joints, which is a good way of eliminating Arthritis. 

    • Muscle stiffness

    If you are suffering from Arthritis, muscles surrounding affected joints may fail to provide the required stability. This affects your body’s ability to provide the natural mechanism meant to protect your body. This can, however, be worked on by having a hand massage that lessens muscle stiffness. That way, your mobility will improve as well as your support mechanism. If your muscles are overused, then stiffness occurs, making you immobile. That is why it is advised that you indulge in having a hand massage so that the inflammation of joints lessens to a great extent. You will also experience muscle flexibility that enhances better movement while easing muscle tension. If you are having any swelling caused by Arthritis, it can be reduced by having a hand massage done by repairing blood and lymph vessels that have been damaged.

    • Improves sleep

    Arthritis causes significant discomfort that leads to a lack of deep sleep. If your body is deprived of sleep, it means that you are not relaxed, and in this case, the cause is pain. By having a regular hand massage done by a professional therapist, restoration happens so you can sleep soundly. Not only can regular massage enable you to enjoy your sleep, but it can also minimize the pain you go through during the day. One important note is if one part of your body is in pain, there is no way you can sleep soundly. This is because the entire body works together, and each part relates to the other profoundly; hence without a proper hand massage, you cannot sleep as you expect. 

    • Great grip strength

    Patients suffering from Arthritis tend to lose their strength of grip to the extent that even holding a spoon becomes a daunting task. What a hand massage does is working on the hand to restore handgrip strength that is important for the day to day tasks. By having a hand massage, the pressure points are noted hence gradually increasing strength into hands, which eventually makes gripping manageable in the long run. It can be quite frustrating not to hold even a glass of water; that is why it is advised that you have a hand massage so that the joints are soothed doing away with discomfort. That way, you will remain active all through while able to grab everything that you want to, whether big or small. 

    Final thoughts

    As we all know, Arthritis is a disease that occurs due to muscle pain and getting tired regularly. Working to reverse this is an excellent way of finding relief from this disease. By having a hand massage regularly, you end up improving your chances of eliminating the aftermath caused by this disease. What a hand massage does is to bring about a whole lot of benefits, especially improved recovery, pain reduction, and enhanced relaxation. A massager for Arthritis can help you improve your hand muscles hence keeping them healthy and free from diseases. It will also minimize depression and anxiety levels caused by Arthritis; that is why you should take having hand massage therapy seriously. Therefore, if you want to improve your general health entirely, you have to consider having a hand massage for consistent results regularly.