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5 Benefits of Having Recumbent Bikes

    Recumbent bicycles are often favored because of their ergonomic design. It helps reduce the amount of stress that a rider’s weight places on the bike and its points. As opposed to a regular bike, riders choosing a recumbent bike is seated in a reclining position as to regular bikes, riders are seated upright.


    Here are some of the benefits riders get when they choose recumbent bikes.


    Injuries and Weight Concerns

    As we grow old, the level of stress that our body can absorb changes. With the standard riding bicycles, all of the rider’s weight comes down to the bones, hands, and feet too. Riders eventually feel this after years of riding, which seem like not an easy task anymore.


    Choosing a recumbent bike gives you a seating position that helps relieve the stress on the bones, tendons, and joints too. It helps spread the weight over a larger surface area.


    People changing from the regular bicycles to the recumbent bikes may find their body adjusting for the first few times they ride it. Eventually, after a few rides, you might feel more comfortable. People using recumbent bikes will also feel better as the stress and weight won’t affect their hands anymore.


    Back Region

    People riding the recumbent bikes start to notice that due to the ergonomic design, the issues about back pains and pelvic pains are remedied. With regular bikes, people sometimes need to lean forward and put pressure on their back and pelvis area.


    People riding the typical bicycles noticed that as you ride longer, you might feel pains coming down from the back through the legs and pelvic area too. By changing to a recumbent bike, this has been remedied.


    Speed and Wind Resistance

    People may not believe it, but recumbent bikes are faster than ordinary bicycles. Being in the recumbent bike gives you a position that creates less vertical surfaces that may push against you while you are biking or riding. A recumbent bike provides a better riding position that will make you easier to drive.


    Riders with Disability

    If you are looking for an option for disabled riders, then choosing a recumbent bike might be the best decision for you. With the ergonomic design of recumbent bikes, riders are more comfortable, and they won’t be experiencing a lot of stress and pressure while riding. There are even recumbent bikes that can be controlled and handled with only one hand.


    Modifications can be quickly done on recumbent bikes to adapt to its disabled driver. Some of the options offer a one-hand operated bike. Its frames can also be adjusted to be shorter or longer depending on the rider’s needs. Frames can also be modified depending on the disability and comfort of the rider too.


    Safety Concerns

    Research and studies have proven that recumbent bikes are incredibly safe. Recumbent bikes have a lower center of gravity compared to your typical bikes. Crashing on a recumbent bike will most likely have your feet take the impact compared to the standard bike where your head would be taking the impact of your fall. 


    Recumbent bikes are also visible when you are on the road. Car drivers can notice you quickly. Drivers would see more of your silhouette, and it would be easy for them to avoid tipping you off your bike or accidentally running you over.


    It isn’t wrong to consider your safety whenever you are planning to have a regular workout. There is gym equipment available that is made to help you sweat-out and, at the same time, to keep your body safe.