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5 benefits of using French clay

    One of the many types of naturally occurring mineral deposits that is mostly found in southern France is French clay. The clay is rich in elements and micronutrients This rich composition makes it a very potent cosmetic ingredient as well as a healing substance. It’s naturally mined in its hard form and then smashed to obtain fine particles. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using French clay.

    Benefits of French Clay

    French-smashed clay has been proven to provide numerous health benefits. These benefits are derived from its numerous forms, which include masks, powders, soaps, creams, and cleansers. In no particular order, these are some of the benefits.


    It has been discovered that French clay works well in a variety of skincare products. It has moisturizing and exfoliating benefits. It acts as an exfoliant by removing debris from the skin and encouraging the removal of dead skin cells. Additionally, it promotes blood flow within the skin, keeping it tight and fresh.

    Hair treatment

    Smashed clay also helps to effortlessly eliminate debris and other hair conditions like dandruff. It also helps to keep your hair moderately oiled while removing excess moisture. Besides, you can make hair lotion by mixing smashed clay with essential oils. Apply the mixture to your hair before bathing, then rinse off after fifteen minutes. 

    Anti-inflammatory properties

    People with muscle sores or inflammatory diseases of the joints also benefit from French clay. Its healing and regenerative properties are a powerful measure against different ailments like cuts, stings, and bruises. In the past, it was applied to the joints of fragile horses to restore proper function. Smashed clay, water, and a few drops of essential oil are combined to make a cream. The affected body part is then covered with the mixture after being applied to a piece of gauze. This preparation also helps relax the body for those with the accumulated stress. 

    Prophylactic effects

    Other benefits of ingesting French clay include relief from nausea, sore throats, and various infections. There are also reports of smashed clay as a prophylactic agent against anemia and liver diseases. These benefits stem from its constituents, such as selenium and cobalt. 

    Removal of toxins

    French clay is a household toxin removal agent that is common among Chinese and traditional medical practitioners. The mechanism of action lies in its potent absorbent property, which grants it the ability to mop up ingested toxins without releasing them into systemic circulation. Another advantage of using this naturally occurring product to get rid of germs and microbes is that it preserves the intestinal tract flora. These organisms called flora are normal inhabitants of the intestine

    A final word

    It is recommended that you apply smashed clay and other similar products to a small portion of your skin before applying them extensively. This step is particularly important for those who might be sensitive or experience skin irritation after application. Moreover, French clay has been modernized and formulated into creams, lotions, pastes, and masks to make it more body-friendly. For more information, see