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5 Best Foods for Your Teeth (And 2 Foods to Avoid!)

    The hardest part of your body is in your mouth. It’s not your teeth, either. Instead, it’s the enamel on your teeth.

    That enamel creates a protective layer made up of calcium and phosphate. But it’s not invincible.

    Your daily habits can still damage your teeth’s enamel. That’s why it’s important to eat the best foods for your teeth. Eating too much of the wrong foods can lead to expensive and painful dental issues.

    Keep reading for five foods that are good for your teeth, as well as a couple that can harm your teeth.

    1. Cheese

    Good news, dairy fans: calcium helps your teeth. It does that by boosting your enamel levels.

    Cheese can be an especially good source of calcium. That’s thanks to a protein called casein.

    But don’t assume any cheese you buy will act as a good source of calcium. Check the nutrition label before throwing it in your grocery cart.

    2. Vegetables

    Your parents told you to eat your vegetables. They’re good for you in a lot of ways, and they’re a great way to build healthy teeth and gums.

    Do you notice that when you eat a salad, you tend to chew a lot more? That’s like exercise for your teeth. Those leafy greens are helping clean your teeth.

    Foods with a lot of fiber require more chewing. It also helps with things like digestion.

    One word of warning: A chewy food isn’t necessarily a healthy one. For example, chewy candies stick to your teeth, and that can cause a host of dental issues.

    3. Fish

    If you like seafood, your teeth will thank you. Fatty fish are especially good food for strong teeth.

    For that, you can thank Vitamin D. Yes, it’s more than the thing that makes you feel so good when you take a walk on a sunny day.

    Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium. After all, calcium can’t make your teeth stronger if your body isn’t absorbing it properly.

    Salmon, anchovies, and mackerel are just some of the options if you’re looking to eat fatty fish.

    4. Beans

    Remember the part about vegetables containing fiber? Beans do as well, which means they’re a good way to give your teeth a cleansing workout.

    Next time you’re getting a burrito, make sure to add black beans or pinto beans. Your mouth will thank you later.

    What about coffee beans? Unfortunately, drinking coffee isn’t the same thing as eating beans with your dinner.

    Coffee can stain your teeth. Those stains can then attract more bacteria. If you don’t get that bacteria under control, you might need fillings, extractions, or even dental implants.

    5. Sugarless Gum

    Not all candy is bad for you. If you want to chew gum, make sure it’s the sugarless variety.

    For one thing, sugarless gum can help wash away harmful acids that live inside your mouth.

    But pay attention to the flavoring: experts say mint is best. Fruit flavors are more likely to be acidic.

    Best Foods For Your Teeth

    There’s no shortage of foods that are good for your teeth. If you don’t like the above options, keep looking. The best foods for your teeth are ones that you enjoy eating.

    Better mouth health can lead to better overall body health. If you want more health tips, bookmark our blog. We’ve got healthy recipes, fitness tips, and much more.