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5 Biological Donations That Can Transform The World

    Donations are one of the noblest acts that you can do. To give without expecting anything in return is something done by those who possess a clean heart and a clear conscience. 

    In this world driven by materialism and greed, an act of kindness can inspire and pave a path of kindness and selflessness to thousands around you. An act of donation can change the lives or even save the lives of a person. There are many things that you can donate from your body that can be used by someone else. Let’s have a look at some of the most useful ones.



    Hair is the most commonly donated part of the body. You can choose to donate hair both before and after death. The strands of hair that you donate can be used to make wigs and are very valuable. The demand for real hair is much greater than you anticipate. Almost all the cancer patients who go through chemotherapy always lose hair and mostly order wigs for themselves. Donating hair is a very simple and quick process that can help enhance the lives of others.



    Eyes are one of the most complex parts of the human body and also the most evolved. We still have not perfected eye surgeries for many ailments. We do not have a proper cure for blindness. Donating the eyes can give some hope to a blind patient for an eye transplant. There are many governments and private agencies that can help you donate your eyes after you die so that the eyes can be used to bring back the vision of someone unfortunate.



    Donating blood is also a very common practice. Though all blood donations morally have equal value, some blood types have a greater value. Uncommon blood types like AB negative are very rare, so donating such a rare blood type is of greater value. Also, if you are pregnant and about to deliver, then you are someone who should consider cord blood banking as it is extremely useful for medical research. The stem cells in the cord blood are very useful for research against a lot of deadly diseases. The cord blood that you donate can literally help save the lives of countless people, and particularly yours and your child’s if needed.



    You must have heard about people donating their kidneys while they are still alive. It is true that humans can live a healthy life even with 1 kidney. A lot of people experience kidney failure due to various ailments like low blood pressure and blockages in the urinary tracts. These people have to go through dialysis and lead a harsh life. Donating a kidney can help bring a wonderful change to their life.



    Heart transplants are extremely difficult and the percentage of their success is not a lot these days. Though new studies have shown some promise in this field, there is a scarcity of people willing to donate their heart. You should get in touch with organizations that can arrange for operation during your death for a heart donation.


    Donation is a noble act and should be encouraged in society. Children should be taught about the valor in a donation and should be educated about all the different types of donations they can make.