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5 Breakthroughs in New Dental Technology

    Around 75% of adults in the United States are afraid of going to the dentist.

    If you’re one of them and it’s the sound of the drill that makes you nervous, new dental technology may make your next visit far more comfortable.

    Keep reading to learn more about how new advances in dental technology will allow having a better experience at the dentist.

    1. The iTero Solution

    Imagine technology has also embraced the dental field. The iTero device provides comfort and reliability to patients by eliminating uncomfortable trays and putty impressions.

    This device generates a highly-accurate digital impression of your mouth for your crown or bridge in three or five minutes so you don’t have to wait for your results.

    The impression system of this device also creates an exact replica of what is in your mouth. This can make it even more accurate than the traditional method of fitting a crown or bridge.

    2. Flexite and Cusil Dentures

    Dentures have been around for years and today it’s one of most common cosmetic dental procedures. Materials like wood, ivory, precious metals, and even porcelain were used before.

    Flexite and cusil are types of dentures that don’t use any type of metal clasps for support. These materials are light which allows them to sit comfortably over the gums.

    Using this type of denture can also eliminate the metallic taste present in traditional dentures. Plus, it enhances safety and it’s free from harmful chemicals like BPA and monomer.

    3. Nanobots to Scrape Bacteria

    Traditional methods to scrape biofilms from teeth include the use of metal instruments to scrape away the teeth surface to eliminate bacteria.

    However, these methods are not always effective as many bacterias have a matrix shield that needs to be broken for the bacteria to die.

    Now researchers are digging into the possibility to eliminate this rudimental process with the use of nanobots filled with catalytic molecules that are able to kill the bacteria and destroy the matrix holding them together.

    4. Modern Dental Implants

    Individual implants to replace individual teeth can be expensive and you may end up with no better results. All on four dental implants is making individual implants a thing of the past.

    With these modern implants, there is no need for avoiding your favorite foods. And, best of all, you don’t have to wait for a long time or expect to get multiple procedures as this implant can be done in just one day.

    5. AXESS Sedation Mask

    This sedation mask is designed to relieve anxiety and provide a more comfortable experience for the user, especially children.

    This mask works with a reusable scavenging circuit which sucks up unused gas and reuses it automatically. This also allows the gases to be redirected without blowing toward the clinical staff.

    Want to Learn More about New Dental Technology?

    Now you know five breakthroughs in new dental technology. As you can see, the use of these new technologies is offering comfortable treatments so patients have better experiences at the dentist.

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