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5 Cancer Treatment Myths Debunked

    Cancer is as old as humans, but unnecessary rumors make it a more dangerous problem with a myth that it can’t be cure once occurs in the body.

    Therefore, misconceptions about cancer cause unnecessary worry to you about your health. There are many unproven stories and myths about cancer that people often believe due to which their stress increases, which may lead to some other serious health issue.

    Take a look at some of the common myths of cancer and the truth behind them.

    Myth 1: All Cancer Are Treated the Same Way

    People often think that every cancer treated in the same way, but this is not the truth.

    Every cancer, whether it is skin, lungs, or pancreases, is different in many ways. Tumor biology like genes and molecules are different for every organ in the body. Thus, cancer is also different. And, the doctor uses different treatments to treat cancer according to its type and stage.

    Are wondering how to catch cancer early?

    Diagnosis in the early stages of cancer helps you with effective cancer treatment that will stop cancer cells from growing further.

    Myth 2: Cancer Treatment is Harmful and Painful

    The pain in cancer treatment is due to the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy patients undergone. But, there is a false believes that conventional cancer treatments are harmful to the body and can cause cancer more severe.

    On the other hand, the truth is that when cancer diagnosed at an early stage is curable and causes no potential harm to your body. Patients recover from the side effects of cancer therapy within a couple of days.

    Myth 3: Acidic Diets Cause Cancer

    One of the flying rumor or myth about cancer is that acidic diet causes cancer. This is complete nonsense. The cancer cell has nothing to do with acidic nature, and if you think only alkaline food is best to get rid of cancer, then you are wrong. If cancer cell can’t live in an alkaline environment, so no other body cell too.

    Blood is usually slightly alkaline. Also, there’s no evidence that proves that acidic diet manipulates body pH, or has any impact on cancer.

    Myth 4: Deodorants can cause cancer

    No doubt that deodorant contains harmful chemicals, but there is no proof that these cause cancer in the body. No clinical studies have yet proved whether these products cause any cancer. Thus, these products don’t cause cancer; if still, you are concerned about underarm antiperspirant choose products that are chemical free.

    Myth 5: Sugar Increases the Growth of Cancer

    Sugar has nothing to do with cancer cells. No doubt that all cells, including cancer, depend on blood sugar for energy. But, eating more sugar doesn’t speed the growth of cancer cells. Likewise, lack of sugar doesn’t slow their growth too.

    However, consuming large amounts of sugar may increase the risk of certain cancers, including esophageal cancer. It can also lead to the risk of obesity and diabetes, which may increase the chances of cancer in the body.


    There are many more myths about cancer and cancer growth, which are entirely baseless and have no proof. The worst part is that people often believe in those myths without knowing the real fact about them. Internet and Smartphone plays an important role to spread the rumors about cancer among people worldwide.

    However, you should not believe in them and if you diagnosed with cancer consult specialist doctor immediately near you and follow their instructions.