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5 Chiropractic Techniques for Vertigo Treatment

    Vertigo is a spinning sensation that occurs in people of different ages. You can also call it dizziness.

    The main symptom is a spinning feeling, which can cause nausea and vomiting.

    Vertigo can cause serious illness, so it’s essential to get treatment.

    Do you want to know more about chiropractic techniques for vertigo treatment?

    Keep reading!

    Causes of Vertigo

    The two major vertigo types are peripheral and central. They are caused by;

    Peripheral vertigo

    Disruption of your inner ear causes peripheral vertigo.

    Causes are medications such as aminoglycosides and antibiotics, Inflammation of the neuronitis, swelling of the labyrinthitis, and vestibular nerve pressure.

    Central vertigo 

    When the brainstem or the cerebellum is affected, vertigo may occur.

    Its causes include vascular disease, multiple sclerosis, seizures, migraine, stroke, and medications such as aspirin, anticonvulsants, and alcohol.

    Chiropractic Techniques for Vertigo

    You can use chiropractic techniques to treat your vertigo.

    Let’s look at them!

    1. Joint Manipulation

    The faulty motion of the upper neck joint sends wrong movement signals to the CNS. This is called cervicogenic vertigo.

    Are you suffering from vertigo? Chiropractic for vertigo will help you sort this problem

    2. Positioning Maneuvers

    The vestibule-cochlear system coordinates your body balance centre. This is a complex system of tubes lined with hair-like sensors.

    Its role is to send data about your body posture and movement to the CNS. In some cases, accumulated debris may clog this sensitive tubes resulting in vertigo.

    The Epley Maneuver is a chiropractic technique that repositions the debris from the tubes.

    When suffering from this type of vertigo, it’s crucial to get a chiropractic diagnosis.

    3. Chiropractic Exercises for Vertigo Treatment

    It includes the Brandt-Daroff style, which is a flopping technique done at one-minute intervals.

    You sit on your bed’s edge then flop to one side, then back upright and flop to the other side.

    Another chiropractic procedure is Taichi exercise.  It involves slow controlled movements that help you focus on body balance and movements. Click here to learn how to improve your spine.

    4. Your Diet and Daily Habits

    Your chiropractor checks your diet and habits to determine the cause of your vertigo.

    Stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine depress your nervous system. They can also trigger vertigo.

    Other non-prescription drugs, such as antihistamines and sleeping pills, can cause dizziness.

    When you experience dizziness, you can seek treatment from a chiropractor.

    Chiropractic techniques such as relaxation, meditation, or breathing techniques can help you regain control.

    5. The Semont Maneuver

    Have you ever heard of semont maneuver? In this technique, the chiropractor turns your head 90 degrees while resting on the examination table, and facing the ceiling

    The chiropractor then lowers you quickly to the side for 30 seconds. You then move to the other side of the table without stopping in the upright position.

    After 30 seconds you then sit upright.

    Bottom Line

    Vertigo can interfere with driving, work, and lifestyle. It can also cause injuries such as hip fractures.

    A sound diagnosis will help you choose chiropractic techniques for vertigo treatment. Click here to learn how to improve your back pain.

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