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5 Common Dental Implant Mistakes to Avoid for New Users

    Getting dental implants can be lifechanging for people who are missing teeth or who have weakened teeth that would benefit from replacements.

    It’s not always as easy as getting them put in and carrying on with your life though. There are several dental implant mistakes that patients make that can cause oral health issues. 

    If you’ve been looking into dental implants, or you already have them and you’re trying to take the best possible care of them, you’re in the right place. Keep reading for 5 common mistakes that people make with their dental implants.

    1. Assuming You Don’t Qualify

    Plenty of people refrain from getting dental implants because they’re worried that they’ll be rejected due to the state of their oral hygiene.

    In reality, this isn’t always the case. A dentist needs to give you a checkup before the procedure anyway, so they can tell you then and there if you qualify.

    If you’re nervous, consider broaching the topic at your next general dental appointment or cleaning. This way you don’t need to have the full consultation and get disappointed. Your dentist might not be able to tell you with certainty without the consult, but they may be able to give you an idea. 

    1. Cheaping Out

    You get what you pay for, even in the medical world. Dental implants can be costly, and many people look for deals that may not be reliable. 

    The most expensive dentist isn’t necessarily the best one, but you should shop around and find a professional that you’re comfortable with. The cost of implants is worth it if you’re paying for quality materials and quality care.

    1. Not Making Time for Recovery

    This is a serious procedure, and you’re going to need some time to recover from it. You can’t just go back to eating your favorite foods and going about life normally.

    You need to be gentle with your new implants to give them time to fully mesh with the bone. No harsh brushing or otherwise mishandling your new mouth.

    1. Not Following Healing Instructions

    This ties in with the recovery period.

    Your dentist or surgeon will give you a set of “rules” to follow to ensure that your implants remain healthy and sturdy

    Getting too lax with your implants can cause the process to fail. This is a costly mistake that’s 100% preventable. 

    1. Not Taking No for an Answer

    We mentioned that you shouldn’t stress about whether or not you qualify before you ask the question.

    While this is true, some people may not qualify. All mouths are different.

    While it makes sense to get a second or third opinion, don’t just ask around until you get a “yes”. This may be someone who isn’t well-versed in dental implants. 

    If they say yes after a series of rejections, check their credentials and reviews for implants.

    Avoid These Dental Implant Mistakes!

    Dental implants are lifechanging, but it’s important that you avoid these dental implant mistakes if you want a healthy mouth. 

    If you follow the instructions of a trusted professional, you should have the smile that you want in no time. 

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