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5 Differences Between Stuffed and Plush Toys?

    You may have heard two words if you are ever in the toy market to get a gift for babies and kids. These words are stuffed toys and plush toys. Most people think that these toys are identical. Yet, you will find a few differences between these toys when you look at them closely. 

    We will discuss the top 5 differences between stuffed and plush toys. It will help you know which toy to choose for kids

    Usually, plush toys refer to a soft toy that feels soft and plushy in hand. On the other side, stuffed toys will have stuffed material inside them. The stuffing inside these toys makes them feel a bit harder. Also, you will see stuffed toys mostly as stuffed animals. 

    5 Differences Between Stuffed and Plush Toys 

    Stuffed animals and plush toys are incredibly popular among kids. They simply love the look and softer feel of these toys. Thus, these toys have become perfect for their birthday presents. What’s more, even some adults truly like to keep plush toys and stuffed toys in their homes. 

    However, when you are in the market, you must choose carefully. For this, you must know the differences between plush and soft toys. 

    Stuffed material:

    The first difference between the plush and stuffed toys is their stuffing. As the name suggests, stuffed toys will have something stuffed inside them. These toys’ most common stuffing materials include cotton, wool, synthetic fiber, beans, plastic pellets, etc. 

    Some people use fabric scraps, bamboo, shredded clothes, or old socks to fit inside the stuffed toys. On the contrary, plush toys don’t have much stuff inside them. Its exterior has a softer fabric or pile textiles, etc. 

    Softness and weight:

    Another top difference between the stuffed animals and classic plush toys is their softness. A plush toy gets its name from the word “plushie,” which refers to softness. It is commonly referred to as all plush and soft toys. 

    Henceforth, plush toys are usually slightly softer than traditional stuffed toys. Also, stuffed toys will be weightier than plush toys. It happens because of the stuffed materials inside these toys. However, the weight variation between plush and stuffed toys isn’t too much. If you ever weigh a plush and stuffed toy of the same size, you will hardly find a 10-20 grams weight difference. 

    The difference in size: 

    Looking at the size, you will immediately find that stuffed toys are larger than soft toys. Stuffed toys are usually stuffed animals such as bears, tigers, dogs, cats, etc. On the other hand, soft toys can be anything from animal shapes to floral patterns. 

    Toy manufacturers need to keep their larger animal-shaped toys in shape and upright. So, they stuff different fabrics or materials inside it. It helps them make the animal toys larger. Thus, you will often find stuffed toys or animals in large sizes reaching up to standard human size. 

    On the contrary, soft toys are usually smaller. Chaoman Toy make them from a few inches to one foot or slightly larger than it. Toy manufacturers make these toys fit into shelves easily. 


    You will find the stuffed animal toys slightly pricier than soft toys. Usually, the price of the stuffed animal toys depends on their size, stuffing material, and appearance. Also, you will find that stuffed toys are priced higher because of their immense popularity. The price of the stuffed toys can vary from $10 to $100 or slightly more. 

    On the contrary, a classic soft toy is priced affordably. You can get it for a few dollars only. 

    Popularity among toy lovers:

    Stuffed toys with animal shapes are popular among both kids and adults. You will find many adults being fond of stuffed animals. The popularity mainly comes from the cuddling ability of these toys. You can cuddle the stuffed animals and enjoy the warmth. 

    On the contrary, soft toys are slightly less popular than stuffed animals. Adults don’t love the plush toys as much as they love stuffed toys. 


    In reality, there’s not so much difference between stuffed toys and plush toys. The difference lies in their stuffing material mainly. The choice depends on your preference. Also, kids will slightly appreciate stuffed toys more than soft ones as they can cuddle them.