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5 Everyday CBD Products to Complete Your Day

    CBD has been a gamechanger for cannabis enthusiasts. Unlike THC, it is non-psychoactive and shows promising effects for health. In fact, people are mixing cannabidiol with a variety of everyday products and reaping the benefits. CBD-infused products are a big hit in the market and they work like a breeze. While you need a medical marijuana card to purchase the high-THC strains, that’s not the case with CBD. You can just step into a store and purchase your CBD supply. If you are wondering how you can blend CBD into your quarantine routine, here are 5 everyday products that are perfect to brighten your day.


    Coffee and cannabis work great together. With the rise in the use of edibles, people are infusing CBD into all sorts of beverages, and coffee is by far the most popular choice. It’s rich in caffeine and works as a mental stimulant. There is an immediate increase in alertness and you’re all charged up. Well, if you have anxiety issues, excess caffeine causes a spike in heart rate and blood pressure. It can lead to headaches and nausea. That’s where CBD steps in. Cannabidiol works as a relaxant and has a soothing effect on the body. When you pair it with coffee, it reduces the side-effects of caffeine and keeps you focused with a mild sense of alertness. If you are looking for the best effects, choose a good quality CBD oil and it will surely keep you in good spirits throughout the day.

    Protein Shakes

    You can buy CBD protein shakes right off the shelf. They are available in different flavors and you can match yourself with the right one. Due to lockdown, buying from a store is not possible, so, making your own CBD protein shake at home sounds like a logical choice. Just add some drops of CBD oil to your protein powder and blend it to make a smooth shake for yourself. Cannabidiol enhances the benefits that come with a typical protein powder. Protein shakes help you build lean mass and aid in muscle repair. Infusion of CBD enhances the recovery process as it reduces the inflammation and relaxes the muscle fibers. This makes CBD protein shake perfect for post-workout recovery. If you are looking for maximum effectiveness, just figure out the right dose for yourself. Start with low doses and once you hit that sweet spot, stick to that dose. 


    CBD cocktails are part of the latest trend. Everyone is trying it. So, why not you? In fact, it sounds like a perfect way to unwind in quarantine. CBD and alcohol might seem like a mismatch but studies show that CBD can protect your liver from alcohol damage. While there is no shortage of CBD beverages in the market, making your own at home sounds like a better idea. Grab your bourbon or vodka and add some drops of CBD oil to make a good cocktail. It’s a perfect recipe for a well-balanced buzz. It will relax you to the core and avoid any side-effects that come with alcohol. If you are doing it for the first time, try different combinations until you find the right match. You can pair your drink with seasonal ingredients like rosemary, apples, and herbs for better flavor. CBD beverages are versatile and offer a perfect way to beat stress.

    Energy bars

    High-intensity workouts are great for increasing the strength of the body. It’s important that you maintain a constant supply of energy to fuel your workouts for maximum impact. Energy bars are great at providing that instant boost of energy. They are packed with nutrition and enhance your workouts. The addition of CBD can make the job easier for you. It can aid in better recovery while reducing the pain of workouts. Body aches can be a challenge while exercising. So, you need something that can ease pain and provide you with a boost of energy. CBD energy bars can do both. You can find various DIY recipes for home. Ideally, if you have chocolate, you can add some peanuts and CBD oil to make your own energy bar easily. CBD energy bars are not just for workouts, you can consume them as a normal snack too. They are healthier and better. 

    Sleep aids

    What do you need to sleep better? A relaxed body and mind! Surely, achieving this is a challenge for many. Stress, anxiety, and fatigue are the major barriers to good sleep. Most people take prescription medications to manage insomnia. Well, these medications work but come with harmful side-effects like the risk of dependence or addiction. So, they are not the right choice. CBD sleep aids offer the perfect solution. Cannabidiol is a great relaxant and can help you sleep better. It influences the endocannabinoid receptors in the body to release feel-good hormones and induces effects without the intoxicating high. This relaxes the body and prepares you for a good sleep. A basic CBD oil or spray would work perfectly fine as a sleeping aid. 


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    Sandra R. Shipp is a San Diego based cannabis enthusiast and photographer with an ardent interest in writing and medicine. In his free time, She loves exploring nature and going on unplanned adventures.