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5 Fundamental Boxing Tips for Beginners

    So you have chosen to get into boxing huh? Well boxing is a sport that requires quite a bit more skill than just hitting the punching bag, throwing some punching combos, or getting in the ring. Boxing. Requires strength, coordination, stamina, footwork, balance, and mental toughness!

    Whether you are just wanting to get into boxing for the heavy bag workouts and the exercise benefit or you are wanting to train to become the next master of boxing and call yourself a champion there are many techniques and tips that can help you do that.

    All though there are many things that need to be mastered before you can call yourself a trained boxer. There are many fundamental boxing tips for beginners that remain the same.

    Here are some basic boxing tips for beginners. Check out SmartMMA for more boxing tips and info on boxing.

    1. Throw Body Punches

    In Boxing throwing head shots is something that has always been the go-to shot. Because of this all boxers that are trained are ready for this and know that it is coming. They will be able to predict, time and block your shots because they know that your going to throw it. To throw your opponent off guard and to keep them guessing then be sure to throw in some body shots every so often, and if you find that you are doing some damage with them, then throw some head body combos.

    1. Perfect Your Breathing Technique

    Don’t forget to breathe! Many new and beginner boxers will forget to breath because they are so amped and their blood is flowing with adrenaline. This keeps them from being able to focus not only on the fight but also on their breathing. When you start to lose your breathing rhythm you will soon run out of breathe and this in turn will leave you vulnerable to getting KO-ED.

    1. Stay Hydrated

    No matter if your in the ring or training on your favorite punching bag at home, always stay hydrated and keep up with drinking plenty of water. If you are dehydrated you will soon run out of energy to train or compete in the boxing ring.

    4.Keep Your Hands Up

    Keep your pretty face protected. You need to keep in mind that your opponent is trying to take your head off. Don’t let this happen. This is one boxing tips for beginners that is very important. When boxers get tired they start to let their hands come down. Do not let this happen to you. Keep your hands up and block your face from getting taken off.

    1. Have Fun

    There are not many sports that can be as much fun as boxing can be. I have tried just about every sport and boxing still remains among some of the most fun sports I have ever practiced. Not to mention the amount of exercise benefits that you get from boxing, even as a beginner, are tremendous. When you are having fun, it makes working out so much easier. Whether you are training for professional motives or enjoying your workouts, just be sure to have fun.

    These are just a few boxing tips for beginners, but these are the ones that remain true across all skill levels. As you are start to get more practice on the heavy bag, in the ring, and using boxing bands from Power Punch Pro you will start to notice that these tips become habits and you will start to master them without even knowing it.

    You will also notice that you start to pick up on the more professional skills just through practice. Just keep in mind that boxing is just like any other sport in that you with practice comes perfection. If you want to become a top notch boxer, then I recommend getting one of the best punching bags that you can find and practicing on that as often as you can. Once you master your punches, breathing techniques, and build up some stamina, then go get yourself enrolled in some boxing classes with a coach!

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