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5 habits that boost your memory and focus every day


    We all want fast, amazing and accurate brain power. Everyone wants to have answers popping out of the brain on demand. The ability to tackle multiple puzzles without a sweat. Well, all that could beat yours grab.

    According to Dr. Jennifer jones (psychologist), there is not actual proof that activities people engage in daily like playing Sudoku, crossword puzzles and the dart board’s games increases memory capacity. However, the brain demands a continuous cycle, the more your master the cycle, the more power you give to your brain.

    As we grow older, the brain becomes a wonderful resource. We are able to exercise critical thinking and tackle tough tasks faster and more accurate. Have you ever wondered how the gurus get to be so brilliant and almost perfect every time? Then you are in for a treat.

    Why You Should Continue Improving Your Memory And Focus 

    Memory and focus works hand in hand. After all, attention and focus are key factors to maintaining a good memory. If you can’t concentrate on tasks at hand, you’ll fail to process and store this effectively in your memory. 

    Without question, your cognitive abilities decline as you age. Although one’s average IQ remains consistent throughout the years, the way you perceive information and knowledge can change if your focus, attention to detail, and memory are impaired. Finding ways to maintain, and even improve, your memory can benefit your mental and cognitive health in the long-term. 

    Moreover, maintaining your memory and focus is crucial to preventing brain and mental health disorders down the path. Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia are just a few prevalent conditions among the elderly, and being educated about their early warning signs can help you slow down their progress. 

    Here are 5 habits that boost your memory and focus every day

    Playing games

    Playing games is one way to keep the brain active, storming as well as increase general memory. A game like Sudoku gives you a task to master certain words since the game is all about words. You will be astonished by the number of words you can end up cramming in a mouths time. The same goes for the crossword puzzle. The dartboard game will keep your hand and your eye coordination flawless. It also gives you a challenge that requires some basic mathematical skills to work out. For instance, you will need to know your checkouts score, what you are required to hit either a treble twenty, double seventeen and so one.

    Dartboard games also increase the level of concentration. Play it daily and see the wonders you will achieve within a short time.

    Furthermore, a game of chess can help your skills in analyzing and strategizing, all while working on your short-term memory as the game progresses. Chess is designed to be intellectually challenging and mentally intensive, and if you’re a regular player, you can develop your long-term memory as your brain learns various strategies and movements that happens in every game you play. 

    The brain likes challenges, games are the best in the quest.


    A moment to reflect and think helps you relax and plan, giving you great idea on your current situation. Meditation is one way to expand your thinking, all you need to do is allow your mind to think positively and differently. As Albert Einstein once said that the same mindset that created problems cannot be sued to solve them. Then your brain needs new thinking to expand fully.

    Studies have shown that meditation increases the gray area of the brain. The gray area is the part of the brain responsible for memory, it is made up of neuron- filled gray matter.

    A good example is a study which was carried in Taiwan to show that students engaging in mediation have more spatial memory that those who don’t.


    Just like playing a game like Sudoku or a crossword puzzle socializing has the same effect. Socializing boost executive functions helping an individual stay active and released from stress.

    Interacting with people from various calibers also help you appreciate what you have and feel good about yourself. This intern releases your body tension allowing you to think to suppress all destructions.

    Proper sleep

    Sleep is associated with increased memory and general health, this is why physicians will always ask you to get a proper sleep when stressed or under pressure.

    According to research form Saarland university,, they found that sleeping for an hour improves memory by fivefold. They argued that during rest a short burst of rapid oscillations in the electroencephalogram results to a quick transfer of information form the short term memory to the long term memory.

    Mc Gaugh JL also argues that all mammals have 2 sleep stages the slow wave sleep (SWS) and the rapid eye movement sleep. The SWS is responsible for the transformation of information from the short term to the long term memory.

    Ensure you have at least 8 hours of sleep.

    The morning run

    However simple the morning run may appear, it may be among early morning physical activity that can expand your memory and creativity.

    The morning exercise allows us to focus on the task awaiting us during the day. Also improves your breathing supplying enough oxygen to the brain.

    The brain is the most important part of our body and it requires exercise to function adequately. Also, ensure that you eat right, memory largely depends on your nutrition.

    Your brain is your greatest weapon why not make it brilliant. Make the best out of the habits above for amazing outcomes.