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5 Health Benefits of Youth Sports

    It is common knowledge that sports and health go hand in hand. Most of us take up a sport or any physical activity when we see something wrong in ourselves. Such as our stamina, resistance, resilience, heart problems, weight problems, etc. In short most of us adopt this quality quite late in life.

    The conditions that we go through due to the lack of physical activity are something that we should make sure our children don’t go through. With the increase in gaming technology, most of the children prefer to stay indoors and play on the play station or the X-box. While it is fascinating and addictive, we should encourage our children to take up at least one physical sport for their own benefit.

    Not only should we encourage them, we should put effort into it and make sure that they have everything they need and most of all your presence and support. Here listed below are a few benefits that will surely motivate you to limit your child’s screen time and make them pursue some physical activity even if it is just riding a scooter, visit scooter scouter if you think they will have fun on a scooter.



    • Mental Health Benefits


    The first benefit that sports have is refreshing a person’s mind. Children have a mind that is susceptible to any kind of information, whether it may be good or bad. If your child is indulged in a sport, he will have a more positive surrounding and because he is interested in something productive, he will stay out of trouble. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sports increase blood flow to the brain which rejuvenates it and leads to a more positive mood. It also contributes to lesser stress.

    Another problem that children face nowadays is body image issue and low self-esteem. While the figures regarding this observation are heartbreaking, it is a reality that we should accept. Sports play a significant role in making sure children grow up in a healthy environment. This prevents them from having low self-esteem and develops self-worth.

    While some may argue that it contributes to stress, studies show that sport instructors like the “BrianMac Sports Coach” are competent and are selected after an intense venting process, which means they are aware of how much stress can children take and learn. They know the lines between making and breaking a child, so it is okay to let the professionals deal with what they know best.



    • Cardiovascular Health Benefit


    Sports are also a contributing factor in making sure that your heart is healthy. Sports require children to physically indulge in activities, which leads to an optimum weight. Obesity is a significant cause of heart diseases in our country. A leading cause of obesity is lack of physical exercise. If children participate in sports not only do they have a much lesser chance of contracting a heart disease later on in life, they also develop their stamina.

    It contributes to better blood circulation and lesser chances of high blood pressure. However, you could make sure that your children do proper warm-up exercises before they start their daily sports routine. Doing any kind of physical activity without warming up can lead to severe injuries.



    • Muscle Building & Stronger Bones


    Bodybuilding and developing endurance is a new trend, and it is one of the good trends that have emerged over the years. You have undoubtedly come across videos on YouTube or your Facebook feed in which young kids are learning how to do amazing physical stuff that we cannot even dream about and leaves us in awe. That is due to the endurance they build due to sports and other physical activities.

    Sports also contribute to muscle toning that a lot of youngsters strive for. So rather than letting your children go on diets to lose weight, you should ask them to participate in some kind of physical activity or sport.


    • Communication Skill Enhancement


    Another essential benefit of sports is that it contributes to communication skills’ enhancement. Due to the fact that most sports require teammate, it is compulsory that you interact with them.  Children involved in sports often have more chances to interact with new people. Not only does this help them be more open and easy going. It helps them learn certain etiquettes in a practical environment. They learn the dos and don’ts of public interaction when they see mentors such as coaches and their parents interact with one another.

    They also learn to distribute tasks and work in a unified way in order to win. Team spirit is what gives them a sense of belonging and a positive outlet for their energy.


    • Builds Character


    Sports also instill in your children the values that are otherwise hard to teach. It gives them a sense of accountability; for example, in baseball, each individual knows that any shortcoming on their part will lead to the humiliation of all their teammates. They know that they will be held accountable for their action by their teammates and the coach.

    Sports also develop a sense of brotherhood and respect, for example, if the team could not do well because one of the players was not feeling well, it teaches you to take your defeat with grace and respect. It also leads to dedication towards something positive and keeps youngsters with too much energy away from corrupt activities. For instance, if your son or daughter loves football, chances are they will be getting a drug test every other week, it is an excellent way to keep them away from drugs. The best thing about it is that they love the sport to the extent that they do it willingly and restrain from any harmful activity that may prove to be a hindrance in sports.

    In short, sports have numerous benefits concerning physical health, personality building, mental health, etc. Not only is it a great way to stay away from a lot of social evils, it also provides you with a sense of belonging and brotherhood.

    About the Author:

    Lara Stewart is a fitness expert and gym owner. She is obsessed with physical health as well as healthy eating. She has in-depth knowledge about the fitness needs of the body and how one can stay healthy on a budget. She regularly posts at Scooter Scouter.