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5 Medications for Person Suffering from Weight Loss

    The current struggle with weight loss due to illnesses and poor nutrition is no more secret. An increased number of people are being diagnosed daily with lower body mass index (BMI) than the recommended range of 18.5. This remains the case even as there’s more sensitization favoring weight loss than weight gain.

    Most people don’t know that low weight also comes with its fair share of health risks. The moment your BMI range drops below 18.5, you need to figure out how you get back your weight or end up with poor health. However, this isn’t smooth sailing, no matter how much you boost your calorie intake. You require extra help from medications to gain and maintain a healthy weight.


    Weight Loss Medications and the Ideal Candidates

    Weight-loss medications are prescription drugs that cause you to add more flesh, especially after a traumatic weight loss experience. Most of these medications are FDA approved and can be sold as a prescription treatment to supplement other safe ways to gain weight.

    Since most medications increase your appetite, they are a perfect short-term prescription treatment for gradual weight gain. However, it would be best to focus on other natural ways to get all the energy and nutrients that your body needs.

    It’s also worth noting that medications for weight loss are not for everyone. If the condition is dire and all the available options aren’t delivering the desired results, you only need them. This way, you can easily handle any side effects if things turn out unexpectedly. Below is a look into five of the best medications you can trust in your journey to adding more weight.

    1. Oxymetholone

    Oxymetholone is an artificial male hormone used to treat persons suffering from a low red blood cell count. The medication functions by triggering erythropoietin’s supply, a hormone responsible for red blood cells production.

    This synthetic hormone is equally regarded as an anabolic steroid. Its continued use is associated with increased body mass and lean muscles. You can rely on it for weight gain, especially after massive weight loss due to a devastating disease. Similarly, doctors prescribe it for weight gain in patients who’ve undergone surgery. Click here if you want to learn more about weight loss: stresclin complex.

    One of the biggest advantages of using Oxymetholone is taking it orally. This way, you experience higher anabolic activity and lesser androgenic effects.

    1. Oxandrolone

    Oxandrolone majorly falls under the Oxandrin and Anavar brands. Its doubles up as an androgen and anabolic steroid medication that promotes weight gain under different circumstances.

    The medicine suits if you use it primarily to promote weight gain after extensive surgery or a chronic infection. You can also include it in hormonal replacement therapy if you experience low testosterone levels.

    Oxandrolone mostly exists in pill and tablet form, such as the pure 5mg Anavar tablets. The drug promotes weight gain by increasing protein supply in the body. These proteins are later used to build more muscle and increase body weight.

    1. Somatropin for Weight Gain

    Somatropin is primarily known as an artificial hormone for growth. It’s known to help children grow taller while inducing muscle mass in adults. Overall, you can use it to treat numerous body conditions emanating from low growth hormone levels.

    Somatropin is also a standard prescription for weight gain in patients with HIV. Those who want to use Somatropin for weight gain but don’t suffer from an HIV condition must first seek a doctor’s approval before adding it to their prescriptions.

    The medication differs from other weight gain prescriptions by being the only injectable drug on the list. However, it would be best to store it in a refrigerator to gain room temperature before application.

    1. Dronabinol 

    Dronabinol is much like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive element of marijuana. Just like THC, it helps treat loss of appetite that’s strongly linked with weight loss. The drug is also used to treat severe nausea caused by cancer chemotherapy.

    Dronabinol is mostly prescribed for weight loss in AIDS patients. However, a doctor can still prescribe it if they feel the benefit is greater than the risk of side effects. Severe side effects only arise if you have an underlying mental illness. 

    1. Megestrol 

    Megestrol is a manufactured version of the progesterone hormone used to treat loss of appetite and malnutrition. It also treats massive weight loss in HIV/AIDS patients by increasing their desire for food. Doctors strictly advise against using it for weight gain purposes if you don’t have this condition.

    The drug is also a standard treatment for breast and endometrial cancer. Megestrol medication treats cancer by acting on the female hormones associated with cancerous growth. You can find the drug as a tablet or in an oral suspension.

    The drug needs to be taken several times a day to serve its purpose. For better results, patients are often advised to follow the prescription labels carefully. This helps in avoiding overdose that can result in costly mistakes. Megestrol should also be taken for the exact period prescribed by the doctor.


    Bottom Line

    Several weight gain medications are now available over-the-counter with different promises. They are typically marketed with overstated promises not backed by any medical research. Your only way to the proper medications is by researching proven drugs and those whose benefits outweigh the risks. However, it is advisable to get a doctor’s advice first before embarking on your weight gain journey.