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5 Most Common Ailments Prevalent In 2021 And How To Deal With Them

    Everybody has had to deal with some health problem or the other since the lockdown began. As if the virus was not enough, people had to struggle with various other diseases and ailments that they never saw coming. After the pandemic, close to 80% of all adults above 65 years of age have developed some kind of chronic condition. Close to 68% of adults have 2 or more.

    The following section sheds more light on the various health problems, emotional issues, behavioral changes, and many other responses that the pandemic triggered or worsened in people worldwide.

    1.   Depression

    Depression is a widespread disease that is curable for the most part but still, it should never be avoided. It is a treatable medical condition and can get worse with age. The lockdown resulted in a significant rise in the number of depression-related cases across continents. It can result in the following:

    ·         Constant and recurring feelings of sadness 

    ·         Pessimism/negative feelings 

    ·         Hopelessness 

    ·         Fatigue and nausea 

    ·         Difficulty making decisions 

    ·         Loss of appetite 

    ·         Loss of interest in activities

    You can help out a patient exhibiting the symptoms of depression by doing the following:

    ·         Reach out to them and help them manage their stress levels 

    ·         Engage them in activities that lift up their mood 

    ·         Come up with a diet plan that does not include alcohol or processed foods

    ·         Interest them in routine exercises that help them build their self-confidence 

    ·         Get them on antidepressant medications and psychotherapy if the need arises

    2.   Acid Reflux

    Acid reflux is also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. It is one of the most unsettling and problematic health issues that one could suffer from. It is characterized by the flowing back of stomach acid into the tube that connects the esophagus with the mouth. It can irritate the inner lining of your food pipe and also cause ulcers and inflammation in your throat if not looked into on time. Probable reasons for acid reflux include:

    ·         Acidic foods in your diet 

    ·         Bad sleeping patterns 

    ·         Obesity 

    ·         Smoking 

    ·         Eating large meals late at night 

    ·         Eating fatty or fried foods 

    ·         Excessive consumption of coffee or alcohol 

    ·         Prescription medicines that can cause more acid production in your body

    Recommended Solutions To Acid Reflux

    ·         Consumption of antacids to neutralize stomach acid 

    ·         Medication to reduce acid production 

    ·         A proper meal plan and High pH therapy to balance your body pH level proton pump inhibitors

    ·         Medication that strengthens the lower esophageal sphincter

    3.   Hypertension

    If you thought that hypertension is something you can easily deal with, you were probably under the wrong impression. And do you know that close to 58% of older adults are currently taking some kind of medication or treatment for high blood pressure? It can get even worse if the patient has narrow arteries and suffers from frequent mood swings. This can result in restricted blood flow and can even lead to stroke and heart attacks. There are a few things that you can do to reduce high blood pressure and its various symptoms including:

    ·         Change your diet and routine to maintain a healthy weight

    ·         Regulate your stress levels 

    ·         Limit the intake of salt and artificial preservatives 

    ·         Alcohol consumption should always be within the limit allowed by your physician 

    ·         Incorporate daily exercises in your routine that help you maintain the right BMI

    ·         Check your blood pressure regularly

    The above-given suggestions should be enough for you. However, if you need more help, there is always an option to join a community initiative especially for the people exhibiting severe symptoms of hypertension and high blood pressure. Joining a workshop can be beneficial in the following ways:

    ·         It can help you deal with fatigue and frustration 

    ·         You can easily cope with isolation and body pain 

    ·         Get educated on strength maintenance and body flexibility 

    ·         Get assistance with managing your medications 

    ·         You can also learn from inspirational stories of others

    ·         Make changes in your overall eating and sleeping patterns

    4.   High Cholesterol

    High cholesterol is also a very serious problem and close to 48% of older adults are suffering from it right now. It happens due to the presence of excess bad fats in your body. These are also called lipids and you should never allow them to get accumulated in your arteries. High cholesterol is a very big cause of heart disease and can be fatal in many cases. The following recommendations can help you keep this disease away:

    ·         Avoid smoking or alcohol consumption 

    ·         Become more active as each day passes by 

    ·         Come up with a plan to manage your weight 

    ·         Minimize the intake of saturated fats in your diet 

    ·         Choose fiber-rich foods 

    ·         Avoid processed foods and pick something fresh and local 

    ·         Incorporate lean meats in your diet instead of red meats

    5.   Arthritis

    Arthritis is also a problem that close to 31% of older adults deal with at the moment. It causes pain, stiffness, and wear and tear of your joints. It is increasingly becoming more common in women than men. But it can be easy to manage the symptoms of this disease if you act on time.

    ·         Incorporate some kind of physical activity or mild exercise at least 5 times a week 

    ·         Do not forget to cool off your body with stretching movements 

    ·         Stay within the recommended weight limit for your body and according to your height 

    ·         Make sure to support your back and legs when doing your daily activities

    ·         Always take precautions when working out to avoid any joint injuries 

    ·         Kick out your habit of smoking for good


    The pandemic has been difficult for all of humanity. You cannot let its after-effects or any other health issues come in the way of your happiness. Your health is the only thing that matters at the end of the day. Be more conscious about your decisions. Choose a healthy lifestyle not only for your sake but for your family and loved ones.