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5 Overlooked Remedies to Treat Backache

    One of the most widespread problems in this age is backache. It causes more disabilities than any other disease. According to experts, more than 80% of the world’s population experience backache at one point in their lives.

    Backache can affect various parts of your body, including upper back, lower back, pelvic region, and muscles around your spine. As you know the muscles in your back are used for everyday movements like sitting, walking, bending, standing and more. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that backache can significantly affect your everyday life, making things difficult for you.

    For everyone looking for the treatments of this problem, below is a list of some remedies that may help you out:


    • Sleep Better


    It can be hard to sleep with an aching back. But the worst part is, your back pain may get worse if you’re not getting enough sleep. Another factor that can contribute to your back pain is your sleeping position. Inappropriate sleeping position can aggravate this problem. If you experience back pain as well, avoid sleep on your back; instead, lye on your side. Also, you must ensure your mattress is a little firm.


    • Exercise


    It is something challenging to get up and move with an aching back. However, exercising on a regular basis for a few minutes can help alleviate backache. You can choose any low-impact exercise like morning walk, yoga, swimming and more. Just make sure not to be hard on yourself.

    A little exercise daily will help you get rid of sore muscles and increase endorphins in your brain, which are considered the natural pain killers of the body. Adding workout in your everyday routine may prevent backache from coming again in the future.


    • Try Natural Herbs


    Over the counter pain relief medicines are valid, but they bring along a number of side effects as well when used for an extended period. A great alternative of OTC painkillers is natural herbs and essential oils. As mentioned by studies, Lavender essential oil works amazingly well in treating backache. Although FDA, Food & Drug Administration does not approve it, so you must use it with caution.

    Another great pain relieving herb is Kratom. It is a plant native to Southeast Asia belonging to the coffee family and is popularly known to be quite effective for various body aches including backache. Again, it is considered an opioid by Food & Drug Administration, so it must be consumed in an administered amount.


    • Go For the Hot & Cold Therapy


    To reduce your back pain effectively, hot and cold therapy is an excellent remedy to opt. It can provide you with the comfort you need and speed up the healing process.

    • Heat therapy can enhance the blood flow and as a result, bring healing chemicals to the affected part. It also inhibits the pain signals being sent to the CNS.
    • Cold therapy works effectively in reducing inflammation, which usually plays a considerable part in backache. It slows down the nerve impulses in the body, keeping the nerves from causing pain.


    • Switch Shoes


    Uncomfortable shoes often cause tension in the muscles in your legs, spine and back. For example, high heels can disturb the alignment of your body, leading to muscle strains in your lower back. Shoes that are entirely flat can contribute to backache as well. So, for all of you experiencing reoccurring episodes of backache, you should pay attention to your shoes and consider switching them if they don’t fit appropriately or support your feet.

    The tips mentioned above are highly recommended, even if you are already taking an organic pain relief treatment. Never underestimate the value of simple things in life. Good Luck!

    About the Author:

    David Martin is currently a final year student of Neuroscience at California University. He is passionate about writing and takes a keen interest in all things that alter our mental makeup. He regularly writes blogs at