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5 Practical Tips to Sleep Better in the Heat

    On normal days you can sleep like a rock. But in the summer heat, it is hard to find a peaceful sleep especially when you don’t have an air conditioner. 


    Although it’s true that some of us wait the whole season for summers to get started and we do welcome all the things that it brings with itself like lush, green gardens, beautiful evenings and mornings. But at the same time it brings something that is everyone’s least liked thing, that is humid nights which causes heat tiredness


    Fortunately there are some easy life hacks that you can make use of to sleep peacefully.

    1. Be careful about your sheets

    It’s really important in these warm and humid nights that one should be very careful about choosing their sheets and everything that comes with it like the colour of the sheet and the type of fabric of the sheet because the fabric really matters a lot. One should make sure that the color of the sheet is a light one since it keeps you cool. 


    When it comes to fabric of the sheet, it’s really important what sort of fabric one’s choosing, so make sure you get a fabric that is very light like cotton or linen since they keep the air flow in and out of the sheet and help in you having a nice breathable sleep. 

    2. Close the kitchen and cook food in your backyard

    In these hot summer days it’s really hard for someone to turn on the stove or oven to cook something because turning on one of these will make the whole house feel like burning hell. 


    Make sure there should be a proper exhausting mechanism that would suck the whole heat and throw it outside, or try to make use of your stove less or only when it’s needed. This will make your house and especially your bedroom much cooler and help you sleep.


    One can also set up their cooking stove or grill outside the house and have a nice little bbq party since who doesn’t love bbq. But make sure that eating heavy items like steaks and too much bbq would produce enough heat and it would really create problems for you in sleeping. So to make sure that never happens one should consider eating fruits, cold deserts, salads and vegetables. 

    3. Keep your room temperature cool

    The average room temperature that is considered ideal for sleeping ranges from 16 – 18 degrees Celsius. So it’s really important to take necessary precautions to keep your room’s temperature normal and not let it exceed. 


    Make sure that your room’s curtains or windows are closed because if the sun blaze gets directly into your room in the early afternoon, it would keep your room temperature in control. 

    Normally the rooms that don’t get direct sun rays or the rooms that are at the north-west side of the house are considerably cooler than the other rooms. 


    One can try multiple things to keep their room cold such as using a fan or dehumidifier. One other thing that would help is keeping a bowl of ice and placing it in front of the fan. It will keep your room circulating with a cool mist that would make you go to sleep within minutes.

    4. Shower in lukewarm water before sleeping

    This is simply the best tip for having a good night’s sleep. The most important thing here is to use warm water while having a shower before you go to bed because it will refresh your mind and will give you a really nice sensation. It is considered better to have a shower with cold water before you go to sleep because cold water would refresh your mind deeply. 


    But it must be kept in mind that cold water won’t last much and would evaporate soon, making your body warm again. So do have a shower with a lukewarm water and make sure you don’t dry off yourself and keep a thin layer of water on your body and just go to your bed and let it evaporate. Trust me you’ll have a really cool pleasant effect and you’ll be in your dreams very soon.

    5. Chill your bedding

    This tip is considered a bit strange by most of the people but still it is the most effective and efficient way to keep yourself and your bed cool on these warm nights. So all you need to do is put your bedsheets and pillow cases in a cold place for an hour before you go to bed and it will make them much cooler and pleasant.


    Summer season isn’t easy on all of us, especially on those who are living without the luxuries of life. So ready yourself for the scorching summer heat and keep these tips in mind as these will definitely come in handy.