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5 Proper Sleep Position to Avoid Neck Pain

    proper sleep position to avoid neck pain

    proper sleep position to avoid neck pain

    Are you irritated by the annoying neck pain when you get up in the morning? This pain might light all through the day that affects your concentration, work as well as emotions. A lot of people aren’t aware that improper sleeping positions could lead to spine misalignment that results to neck pain.

    Though improper sleeping position are instinctively developed since you were young, these could be altered in maturity through knowing the five proper sleeping positions that can avoid neck pain.

    Back Sleeping Position

    proper sleep position to avoid neck pain

    If you have throbbing shoulder and have issue in sleeping, then back sleeping will help a lot. Back sleeping is indeed the most excellent position to sleep. But, for this sleeping position, there are there essential anchor points that need to keep in mind such as the neck, knees and lower back.

    Select a reliable and comfortable pillow perhaps one with a contour side or neck support pillow which allows your neck to hinge on and turn around comfortably. When resting your head on pillow, you mustn’t feel that your head is leaning backwards.

    Starfish Posture

    This posture is if you lay on your back with your legs sprawled and your arms extended close to your head like a starfish. The same to back sleepers, it is important to put the pillow under your neck, lower hips as well as the kneed so as to give extra support.

    Side Sleepers

    proper sleep position to avoid neck pain

    Side sleeper anchor point is at the waist, neck, as well as knee area. It’s highly suggested to utilize neck support pillows to support your neck and head so as to obtain a matching position to the mattress. What is more, support pillows must be put under your waist as well as in-between your knees.

    The aim of putting pillow between your knees is to avoid your spine from bending on the other side or too much rotating that might strain the lower back. A neck pain doctor can also help you to sleep better.

    Fetal Position

    There are many people out there that sleep on their sides with the legs and back straightened with arms resting the same along the sides, this is called log sleepers.

    Fetal posture is advisable for those who are suffering lumbar spinal stenosis or popularly known as osteoarthritis and have issue getting to sleep. So, it is highly suggested to tuck a whole pillow or bolster between legs that assists to ease the pressure off from your lower back.

    Freefall Posture

    This is when you sleep on your stomach with your arms bend up at your pillow and your head turn to one side. Basically this isn’t a right sleeping position because it puts the greatest strength of strain on your spine.

    On the other hand, still it is beneficial for people experiencing slipped disk or degenerative disease. As such, the right sleeping position should be obtains so as to avoid or put off unnecessary pressure on your spine.

    These are just some of the best sleeping position that everyone should keep in mind in order to avoid neck pain and ruin their days.

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