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5 Proven Steps to Breaking Addiction

    When someone is addicted to a substance, whether it is alcohol or drugs, the addiction is hard to break. This is when you should call the addiction hotline to get the professional help with this problem. Addiction is a disease, which should be managed by medical specialists. There are many ways to treat addiction so that the doctor can find the most suitable one for each person. Also, there are also some steps which may help prevent severe consequences on early stages. 

    1. Simplify Goals 

    You cannot change your entire life in a single day. Breaking a habit is very hard, especially when the habit is an addiction. If you try to change everything in a day, it will lead to failure. You should pick something realistic. Plus, you need to be willing to work by yourself. If you cannot let others go while you are recovering, this step will not work either. You need to take a deeper look into your life. What is important to you? This helps you build both strength and resilience. This is your first step to breaking the addiction. 

    1. Make Change Daily 

    You can make new goals often. In fact, you should make them as often as possible. You can change your goals often; however, they should all be in the best interest of you. You should try to make goals that you can achieve reasonably easy in a day or so. If you are setting longer goals, you could forget about them and relapse. If you do relapse, you need to call the addiction recovery hotline also. They would help you get back on track. 

    1. Set Reminders for Yourself 

    You should put up your goals anywhere that you will see them. This will help remind you of what you want to achieve. You should put sticky notes in obvious places for you to see. Even write it on your phone and set reminder alarms. Tell your friend about your goals. This will also remind you of what you have in mind and help you stay on track with your goals. The best thing to do is to remind yourself. 

    1. Create a Trigger 

    A trigger is a ritual that you are performing before you try a new habit. For example, if you want to quit doing something like smoking, you would chew gum when you have the urge for a cigarette. You can make this for any addiction. 

    1. Rid Yourself of Temptations 

    You should get rid of all the possible temptations in your life. These are items that are going to tempt you to forget your goals. You should remove all drugs and alcohol from your home if you are looking to quit these items. Do not go to places where your temptations could hurt you, such as a bar. Lastly, you should avoid people who might tempt you into breaking your goals. You want friends who are supportive of this journey. 


    No matter what your addiction is, you can turn your life around. It isn’t easy but forming healthier habits is not a far reach. Having a healthy personality is worth the troubles that you may encounter along your journey.