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5 Reasons People Decide To Start Vaping

    Vaping is a popular thing in society now. You can see someone vaping almost anywhere you go. It’s bound to make you wonder at least sometimes why someone would start vaping. It may even make you curious about trying vaping yourself. These are all normal things to wonder about when you look at the rise in popularity of vaping in recent years and some of the enticing commercials for vaporizers out there

    Vaping has a lot of benefits that aren’t always discussed in popular news stories or online articles. Many of those benefits are the reasons people do decide to start vaping even if the benefits aren’t things you can physically see. It could be anything from a smoking cessation tool to a way to treat anxiety symptoms with a small pull of cannabis from a vape pen.

    If you’re curious about why people are vaping sometimes all you need to do is ask. Most people love talking about the vape they’re using and what they think is the best way to vape. As long as you aren’t confrontational they’re happy to answer questions most of the time. You can also find out more if you keep reading. Here are five reasons people decide to start vaping. Invest in good vape juice and try different vape juice flavors for a satisfying vaping experience.

    1. It Helps Them Quit Smoking

    Vaping has given many people the chance to put down their tobacco products and use a healthier alternative. That’s great news for anyone who thought they’d be a smoker for life and saw no hope in their ability to quit smoking. When vaping came along there was a new option no one had considered before. A way to get nicotine without having to inhale other chemicals.

    Vaping has even been said to reduce the amount of harm done by smoking by up to 95% according to The Royal College Of Physicians which is comprised of over 35,000 doctors worldwide. When you think about all the doctors telling people to stop smoking, having an alternative that’s supported by a reputable group is a big deal.

    Giving someone the chance to quit smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products has nothing to do with how cool it looks to vape. They aren’t vaping because it’s trendy, but because it’s something that’s helping them make a better decision for their health overall. As vaping continues to be more prevalent more studies being done are supporting these facts.

    2. Vaping Offers A Controlled Dose

    No matter what’s being vaped there’s an aspect of being able to vape a specific dosage. Nicotine, cannabis, or even CBD oil can all be vaped and measured for accurate dosing. For people looking to have solid information on what they’re putting into their bodies and how much is going into their body, this is a big deal. 

    When you look at vaping CBD oil you can compare the amount of CBD you’re getting from an edible or tincture versus vaping. When you consume something with CBD in it you can expect to get about 15 milligrams of CBD in your bloodstream per the 100 milligrams of CBD that you eat. Although it’s still somewhat measurable it’s a lot of CBD lost. 

    When you vape you’re bypassing the chance to lose that amount of CBD because it doesn’t have to be digested. Vaping CBD oil gives you about 50-60 percent of the CBD you’re vaping into your bloodstream instead of the smaller 15% from edibles. This is just one way to illustrate how vaping gives you better control over the dosage you’re getting of anything you vape.

    3. Vaping Gets Rid Of That Odor

    Smoking anything comes with an odor that’s never pleasant. It also is a telltale sign that someone was just smoking in the room. This is something people often want to avoid and that means they may turn to vaping to get rid of the odor issue. Remember, vaping doesn’t burn anything, it simply heats what is being vaped so you can pull the vapor from it.

    This makes vaping especially appealing for people living in apartments or renting other homes that don’t allow smoking. Since you won’t have to worry about leaving an odor you can still enjoy relaxing with a vape without having to worry about the landlord being upset with you. The lack of an unpleasant smell is appealing both at home and in public. Check this dab pen if you want to learn more.

    4. Instant Relief And Satisfaction

    When you vape you don’t have to wait for anything to start working. It’s instant relief and that’s appealing to people who may be vaping something like cannabis to treat pain or panic attacks. When you’re experiencing distressing symptoms every second matters and vaping takes that into account giving immediate relief. 

    Not only is the relief instantaneous but it’s also stronger than other methods of consumption like smoking. The stronger feeling may not be right for everyone but for those in severe pain it’s exactly what they need. People who are cannabis patients for pain treatment may opt to vape because it works faster and the relief is better than other methods out there.

    5. It’s More Affordable Than Most People Think

    There are high-end vapes that are out of an average budget’s price range for sure. But that doesn’t mean vaping is exclusive to only people who have the big bucks to spend on those vapes. There are vapes and vape pens out there for every budget, it’s just about finding the right one. A vape set up doesn’t have to break the bank.

    Many people find that after the initial cost of the vape they end up saving money overall, especially if it’s replacing a cigarette habit. The costs of cigarettes can add up quickly and buying a vape and a few refills occasionally are going to be much more affordable in the end. This is yet another great reason people choose to start vaping.


    Vaping isn’t all about looking cool and trendy. Yes, the number of people vaping is on the rise but it’s not all about how it looks. There are clear benefits to vaping over other options. If you have been curious about vaping and want to try it yourself there’s a chance some of the benefits you’ve read about here apply to you. Give vaping a try and see why so many people are choosing to make the switch. Chances are you won’t ever go back to your old ways.