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5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Good Health Insurance Plan When Living in New York City

    New York health insurance has never been more important due to the rising costs of healthcare in the US.

    Many people are left facing health issues and need support paying for them. You might not feel that you can afford insurance, but the good news is that there are many affordable options out there – partly thanks to the Affordable Care Act. It’s never been easier to find affordable health insurance in NY State. 


    What is Health Insurance?

    Let’s start by taking a look at what health plans are and what they cover. Health insurance is a form of insurance that covers the costs of medical care. People pay a premium to their insurer each month to maintain their coverage. When you need to visit a medical health professional for any reason, such as a doctor visit or emergency trip to the hospital, the insurer covers some of the costs of the care. 

    Please note that insurance plans don’t cover all the costs of healthcare. You must first meet the deductible before the plan kicks in to cover the rest. The deductible on your plan is a set amount that you have to pay before the insurance coverage comes into play. Most plans will require you to only cover the deductible and coinsurance costs. Having a lower deductible means having a higher premium. 


    The Average Cost of Health Insurance Plans in New York 

    The average cost for a private insurance plan in New York state is around $440 per month. Family plans cost more, an average of $1,168 per month, but they cover more people. How much you actually pay for your coverage includes a number of factors, such as how many people are on your plan, your location in the city, and your deductible. That may sound a bit steep, but it is nothing compared to the costs of health care. 


    The Benefits of Comparing Insurance Plans Online

    It’s worth taking the time to check an insurance comparison website before getting a policy. There are several pros to using a comparison service, including; 


    * Get The Right Coverage For You 

    The health marketplace is filled with different plans at different prices. There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” health insurance policy. Do you need an essential plan? Do you need open enrollment? No matter what you need, comparison sites can help you find it. 


    * Find an Affordable Plan 

    As discussed already, the cost of a healthcare plan can vary depending on what kind of coverage you need. Comparison sites ensure you get an affordable plan that won’t break your bank. It takes a lot of work to find value for money with healthcare. Compare the healthcare market to take out all the guesswork. 


    * Free and Easy to Use 

    One of the best benefits of these sites is that most of them are completely free to use. It won’t take any extra time or money on your part to compare different plans and find the best one. Using a comparison site won’t cost you anything, but having the wrong health plans can. 


    Five Reasons to Invest in New York Health Insurance 


    Cover Doctor Visits 

    Doctor visits are often the cheapest aspect of health care in NY state. That doesn’t mean that they are cheap, however. The average doctor visit can cost anywhere up to $75 for basic medical exams. Need a blood test or immunization? The cost only increases. Health insurance plans mean that the average cost for your next doctor visit could come down to as little as $10, which is a lot fairer. 



    No one plans to go to the hospital. It’s at this time that one can clearly see the benefits of investing in the NY state of health marketplace. The average cost of staying in the hospital is over $1,000 per day. That’s for non-critical care. Health insurance plans pay up to 90% of the costs for hospital stays. Most plans also offer a maximum out-of-pocket expense for hospital stays. Once you reach this limit, around several thousand dollars, the insurer covers everything. 


    Prescription Drugs 

    As medical science continues to improve and more health conditions are treated, there is a greater demand for prescription drugs. Prescription drugs can be very expensive, especially if there isn’t a generic version available. Having prescription drug healthcare coverage drastically reduces how much you have to pay for important medications, often without the need for a deductible. Your share of the costs could come in the form of a co-pay agreement or a set percentage of the total cost of medication. 


    Preventive Care 

    They say that prevention is better than the cure. Insurance companies have responded to the increase in preventive care and are now offering more preventive care benefits with NY state health insurance. This includes coverage for regular physicals, family planning, and other costs. Insurance companies consider preventive care an investment that helps avoid more costly expenses in the future. 



    Vision benefits may be included as part of a health care policy. This means that your insurance will cover eye exams, contact lenses, glasses, and other costs related to eye health. How much coverage you get depends on the NY health state policy you get. You may even be able to find an insurance policy that covers vision correction procedures such as LASIK eye surgery. 


    Mental Health 

    Living and working in New York can be mentally taxing. The city is loud and always on the go and it’s easy to get lost in the flow. More health insurance policies are including mental health benefits and coverage than ever before. Most policies are as good for mental health as they are for physical health these days. Mental health coverage includes coverage for therapy sessions, mental health-related prescription drugs, and similar expenses.