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5 Regular Practices on how to have a healthy liver

    According to a recent study focussing on how to have a healthy liver, the deaths caused by poor liver health in India account for one-fifth of total deaths across the world. While most of us barely focus on good liver health, it is clearly a subject of utmost importance. Studies have also shown that there are regular practices which can often lead to bad liver health, without our own realisation. 

    Some of the most known reasons for an unhealthy liver have been listed as excess consumption of caffeine, not taking the recommended diet and fat buildup among many others. Although, there is always room for improvement as there are daily habits that can be altered. Also, If you are wondering about how to make your liver healthy again, you are at the right place. 

    How can you have a healthy liver?

    To understand why or how to improve liver health it is important to focus on the fact that this organ is our primary filtration system. All the toxins inside our body are filtered and passed out with the help of our liver. Without a healthy liver, all regular processes are disrupted. Taking Ayurvedic syrup makes your liver work better and keeps you healthy   Here are a few ways to ensure your liver is healthy. 

    Alcohol and liver aren’t a match

    Alcohol becomes the obvious reason when it comes to liver diseases but it is genuinely one of the key reasons behind an unhealthy liver. Responsible drinking is crucial to maintain good health because excess can scar the liver cells, resulting in damage. Hence, if the question is how to detox liver? giving up alcohol is the answer. 

    Good food, good liver

    The importance of a good and balanced diet can’t be emphasized enough. Calorie intake along with the nutritional content is worth monitoring when it comes to improving liver health. Refined carbohydrates, artificial sugar, saturated fats and red meat are some of the things to avoid. Helpful nutrients would be the fiber from plants, fruits, good fats and low fat dairy. 

    Exercise for a healthy liver

    While exercising is great for overall better health, it can also help in reducing liver fat. One of the most common liver diseases, that is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, can be avoided if regular exercise becomes a part of your daily routine. 

    Monitor your weight

    Obesity can lead to many diseases including ones that originated in the liver. Hence if you are wondering how to improve liver function checking on your weight will be good. If there are chances that you are slightly overweight, a smart step would be to start on a weight loss journey which helps reduce liver fat too. It is also important to understand that methods of weight loss should be overall healthy. 

    Avoid all risks

    Viral hepatitis can be sneaky if one is involved with illicit drugs or unprotected sex. Ensuring you are protected from both is a good way to improve liver health. Know your risk factors completely so you know you aren’t on the radar. Often people ask about how to reverse liver damage, best is to avoid any risks. 

    Here are foods good for liver

    It is a myth that one can’t improve liver health over time. With the right nutrients and a balanced diet, liver health can be gradually improved upon. Here are some of the best foods that have proven to be great for the liver. 


    Benefits: The antibacterial properties of Bhringraj are helpful in preventing inflammation of the liver. Overall liver functioning can also be improved along with decrease in toxic load posed by what we eat every day. 

    How to consume: Bhringraj powder is readily available which can be taken with water after a meal. 


    Benefits: Damaged liver can be very well treated with the help of Bhuiamla while liver disorders can also be managed. Overall health also benefits with regular consumption of this herb. 

    How to consume: Bhuiamla juice will manage any kind of liver swellings and you can have it before breakfast every day for best results. 


    Benefits: Ginger is the best herb to turn towards to safeguard from liver cell damage. The benefits it carries against protecting the liver from any toxins are also noteworthy. Further intensification of non-fatty liver disease is also possible when aided with ginger root. 

    How to consume: Inducing ginger in your food, tea or through supplements are great ways of making the herb a part of your daily diet. 

    Dandelion roots

    Benefits: Dandelion roots can be helpful in reducing the amount of stress your liver might be going through, while supporting the bile production. The filtration capacity of liver can also be improved with this helpful herb. 

    How to consume: Best way to have dandelion roots become a part of your diet is by taking them in your tea. Dandelion tea is specifically available and is very effective. 


    Benefits: The biggest benefit of Chirata is that it can truly protect the liver. It will also help in elimination of any free radicals that could harm the organ. 

    How to consume: Chirata is bitter in taste so you can have it with a bit of jaggery and then swallow it with some water. 


    Benefits: To provide more strength to the liver, sugarcane is one of the best foods to consume. The antioxidants in it will protect your liver from any kind of damage. 

    How to consume: Sugarcane juice with a bit of lemon and ginger is a great recipe which also tastes very well. If needed, you can add a bit of coconut water as well. Have this every day and you will see results soon. 


    Benefits: Bile disorders and jaundice treatment are few areas where kutki as a herb has proven to be very beneficial. It has been extensively used in Ayurveda for treating liver infections 

    How to consume: Kutki can be found in the form of capsules or you can have it as a powder with some aloe vera juice and honey. Its natural taste will subside with these additions. 


    Benefits: Giloy is packed with antioxidants which are good for the liver given they help in keeping free radicals away. 

    How to consume: Chewing the giloy plant often or having it in the form of a powder has helped many in treating liver problems. 


    Benefits: Cilantro is a particularly antioxidant rich herb with many health benefits. It is a herb that is very common to the Indian kitchen. The benefit for liver is that it can protect from heavy metals and many other toxins. 

    How to consume: Cilantro can be the perfect ingredient for salad dressing or for literally any home cooked meal. It can be eaten raw which is also the best way to take in its nutrients. 


    Benefits: Fatty liver disease troubled patients should definitely eat walnuts regularly to improve liver function. They have omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and are rich in good fats essential for the body. 

    How to consume: 4-5 walnuts daily are good enough for your liver. Another way of consumption is also with your breakfast cereal or in a salad. 

    Sunflower seeds

    Benefits: Vitamin E is a widely present nutrient in sunflower seeds. It is also one of the powerful antioxidants which can protect the liver from damage. 

    How to consume: A good crunch needed in a salad can be fulfilled through addition of sunflower seeds. They can also become a great ingredient for snacks.

    Make your liver healthy again

    Our liver is one organ primarily responsible for pushing out toxins we consume. Given it has such an important job to do, it is for us to practice taking care of our liver. There are many practices you can adopt in life which can gradually result in a healthy liver. Moderation is key when it comes to good liver health. Having ayurvedic Livcon Capsule makes the liver work better and improves overall health.


    Q. How do you know if your liver is struggling?

    A. Things to look out for would be feeling lethargic constantly, weight gain around abdomen and yellow or white coated tongue. 

    Q. What vitamins are good for liver repair?

    A. Vitamin E, A, D and B12 are common deficiencies that come with liver problems. 

    Q. What are signs your liver is bad?

    A. Yellow skin, pain in abdomen, nausea and vomiting are signs that something is wrong with your liver.