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5 Resistance Band Exercises for Stronger Legs


    To strengthen one’s legs, it’s always not necessary to pump iron. To stretch and strengthen muscles, weight training is one of the ways. Weight training focuses on hamstrings, glutei maximi, and the quads. However, smaller muscles that are essential for joint stability and balance are neglected. Training using resistance bands, also known as booty bands, targets every single muscle within your lower body. The best thing is it can be done anywhere.


    Resistance bands are useful for your lower body like the glutes and the legs. Training with these bands forces you in movement with power generation and better form from the appropriate muscles. These exercises tone and develop your muscles at the same time. Toning muscles are losing fat for the muscles to appear on the skin surface. In this article, you will see 5 resistance band leg-specific exercises for stronger legs. 


    1. Lateral-Band Steps


    Target – Quads and hip-abductor muscles like tensor fasciae latae, gluteus minimus, and the gluteus medius are strengthened. Focus on the knee line.


    Procedure – Take a resistance band and place it around your legs to position it above your knees for easy steps and around your ankles for harder steps. Take a quarter-squat posture with pointed forward feet with width apart hip. Step right with the right foot for about 12″ and with control, step left with the left foot at equal distance. Your feet should be a width distance apart from hip to backside. Repeat the process in the opposite direction. Continue in alternation with side to side steps.


    Reps- 12-15 on alternative directions and each side.


    1. Standing Glute Kickbacks


    Target – Hamstrings and glutes are strengthened. Level hips are the key.


    Process- Place the band around the ankles while positioning the feet hip-width apart. Shift your body weight to one leg by engaging the core muscles. While doing this kick backward with the opposite leg to around 6″-8″. Now reverse this motion and gently tap with your elevated foot to the ground and behind the planted foot. This makes one rep.


    Reps: 12-15 on one leg with a switch on each side.


    1. One and One-Quarter Squats


    Target- Quads, hamstrings, and glutes are strengthened.


    Procedure: Place the resistance band above the knees with chest upright and feet shoulder-width apart. Squat to a 90-degree knee bend. From the bottom, stand up to a one-quarter distance and lower into a mini-squat in a squat before standing up. This makes one rep. All through this movement, your knees should be driven outward and against the band.


    Reps: 12-15


    1. Clamshells


    Target- Obliques and glutei medii are strengthened. Hips should be stacked and 90 degrees to the floor through the rep.


    Procedure – Lie on the side by placing the resistance band above the knees. Your knees are in a 90 degree bent position. Prop your head over the hand and relax it on the biceps. Support with the lower arm. Keep the feet pressed together and engage your core. Drive the top portion of the knee-high to the ceiling without any compromise in the form. Bring it down and this makes one rep.


    Reps: 12-15 on one side and then on the other side.


    1. Banded Glute Bridge Pulses


    Target – Glutes and calves/back of your legs are strengthened.


    Procedure: Place the resistance band above the knees. Lie on your back with feet in a flat position in the ground. The feet are hip-width apart. Engage the core and push the hips up. Drive the heels till the knees are bent to 90 degrees forming a bridge. Come down completely and this makes one rep. Keep the knees out to shoulder-width apart. 


    Reps 10-15 times.


    How to select the right resistance band?


    Resistance bands come in variant weights. They range from ultra-heavy to lightweight. A right resistant band lets you finish 12-15 reps without breaking. For 15 or over reps, you can use the next resistance level. For extra resistance, double or triple the bands for a wider weight range. Choose high quality, durable, and affordable bands depending on the use you are looking for.




    These 5 resistance band exercises will help you strengthen your lower portion and result in stronger legs. This includes hamstrings, glutes, calves, quadriceps, and ankles. These bands give you that training edge to strengthen the leg muscles by toning and developing them. Get good quality, reliable, durable, and affordable booty bands and get going on the strengthening exercise. You will be amazed at the results.