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5 Signs Your Back Pain Is More Serious Than You Think

    Back pain is a common health issue, and most people experience it at some point. The problem varies in intensity and underlying causes. It could be a dull ache that resolves itself in a couple of days or debilitating trauma that lasts for weeks. At the worst, you may experience mobility issues, even affecting the quality of life. It is crucial to understand that back pain can be more serious than you imagine. Things can get problematic if you do not get medical help in such circumstances. Here are some signs you must see a specialist sooner rather than later.

    The problem lasts for over a week

    Typically, back pain subsides after a few days, but you must see a doctor if it lasts for over a week. There could be an underlying cause you must treat to get lasting relief. See a specialist to get a diagnosis and begin treatment. Early action can save you from grave complications down the line. Moreover, it reduces the dependence on medications and the related side effects. 

    Other body parts are affected

    Severe backache is a reason to worry, but it becomes a bigger concern if you experience pain in other parts of the body. For example, shooting pain down your leg is an indication of sciatica. The condition affects the sciatic nerve. It is often caused due to a herniated disk. You cannot expect to resolve it with rest and self-medication. The best option is to see a doctor and seek a viable treatment plan.

    You experience tingling, numbness, or weakness

    If back pain comes along with sensations of tingling, numbness, or weakness, you definitely need help. The symptoms show a nerve-related condition that should be treated right away. If left untreated, it can even lead to permanent damage or disability. But you can rely on physiotherapy for back pain to address the condition. The sooner you start, the better are your chances to correct nerve irritation or damage.

    Movement aggravates the problem

    The problem can be more severe than back pain if it worsens when you move or change positions. For example, lying down, walking, or climbing stairs can aggravate the trauma. It is a sign of a more systematic problem such as a fracture, an infection, or severe nerve compression. You require a diagnosis at the earliest to start with the appropriate line of treatment. 

    You suffer from incontinence 

    Surprisingly, back pain can come with problems with urination and bowel movements. You may even miss out on a connection between incontinence and back pain, but they could be related. A loss of control over urination and bowel is a grave sign as it indicates a risk of cauda equina syndrome, a rare condition that can lead to paralysis of the lower spine. You must visit the local emergency to seek help. 

    Back pain seems like a part of life for many, but it can be more serious than you think. Follow these signs, and get help quickly because it can save you from severe complications down the line.