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5 Simple Ways to Eat Less without Noticing

    simple ways to eat less without noticing

    simple ways to eat less without noticing

    Losing weight is not only about different diet plans and techniques, it also depends upon how your brain works to control things. A huge part of your weight loss plan can be described under your brain wonders.

    There are several tricks that you can use when you are trying to shed pounds’ like eating slowly is a tip and it works like magic to stay fit. The reason behind it is that when you start eating, your brain starts calculating the time you take for your meal.

    After 20 minutes of continuous eating, your mind indicates you to stop eating, it’s a green signal for full stomach. Now the trick is when someone starts eating fast, he eats more than he needs in 20 minutes so experts say to eat slowly so that your stomach may take sufficient meal and not more than that.

    This trick can give you an idea of what I am planning to write ahead. Here we are listing a few tricks derived from different studies and mentioned in various books and magazines by fitness experts. Hope you will find some better ways to control your hunger and eat less without noticing.

    Start your day with taking proteins in Breakfast

    simple ways to eat less without noticing

    There are some myths which are still believed by people but many of them are proven wrong by experts. One of them is to take low calorie and less protein breakfast which is totally wrong.

    The reason behind this is breakfast provides the initial energy to start our day and if we skip our breakfast or take some fat-free low calorie food in breakfast, we will start starving around 12 pm.

    Feeling hungry will definitely lead us to take snacks or juices which add much more calories than you could take in a proper breakfast. So take omelets and shakes rather than waffles and cereals in breakfast. It must be full of protein based energy.

    Take Smaller plate and Tall Glass

    simple ways to eat less without noticing

    If you feel like you cannot be satisfied unless you take a full plate of rice, take smaller plate then. It will help you to take lesser food without noticing.

    Believe me it is not only a written trick; it is something that actually works because if you will try to take less food in a big plate, your mind will not except a partially empty meal and will indicate hunger.

    Take a small plate and fill it with meal and you will feel more satisfied than ever. Same goes with liquid calories. When you take small glasses, they are rather wider than long ones. A wide glass contains more liquid than a long and slim one. You can cut your liquid calories by choosing a long and thin glass for you.

    Serve a 20% lesser food to yourself next time

    Start your dieting yourself, because no one else wants you to be on diet so take your plate and serve yourself. remember when you are taking food next time, try to cut it down by 20%. Do not try to skip half of your food directly because your appetite will never accept it. Take smaller skips and one day you will start consuming lesser calories without feeling that you are on a diet.

    Never store snacks in your fridge and cupboards

    It’s not a joke, its literary very practical step you can take in your favor. Never store snacks and junk food anywhere in your house. Having a pack of biscuits or chips will urge you to take a bite in your minimum hungry state.

    You cannot control your desire to take a snack when you start getting hungry or just watching a good movie. Avoiding means, avoiding and it is only possible when you don’t have instant approach to all sort of snacks.

    Chew properly and never eat from a Large container

    simple ways to eat less without noticing

    Both of these habits can reduce your calorie intake miraculously. I have observed people swallowing without chewing properly and practically, they take more food than those who eat slowly and chew whole of their bite.

    It has two main benefits, chewing your meal properly lets your stomach work nicely on digesting your food and secondly, when you chew every bite completely and consequently, eat a bit slowly, your stomach indicates full on taking lesser food than those who take big bite, don’t chew properly and eat fast.

    Second point which I mentioned here is that never eat from big container or pack. Always make sure to take your regular plate for whatever you are eating to keep an eye on the quantity of food you are taking. Eating from large bowl or pack will make you eat more than usual.

    These are the smaller tricks with really noticeable and big differences. You will feel yourself that your weight is reducing every week and you are not skipping anything for this purpose.

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