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5 Smart Tips to Boost Your Cognitive Performance

    5 Smart Tips to Boost Your Cognitive Performance

    5 Smart Tips to Boost Your Cognitive Performance

    Do you ever find yourself wishing you could find something in real life to help you with memory, focus, IQ level and boosting overall brain power in general?

    You can work on boosting your brain power by practicing these few simple things that can help you with tasks that require you to make best use of your cognitive abilities.

    1. Go Wild on Blueberry Juice

    5 Smart Tips to Boost Your Cognitive Performance

    Did you know that drinking 30 ml of blueberry juice can boost your brain power? Researchers have confirmed that blueberries contain anthocyanin- the antioxidants that foster brain communication.

    The anticyanins help the brain to use up all the glucose which is responsible for slowing down brain activity, including learning disorders and poor memory.

    They contribute in sharpening your memory and help you focus better. Not only that but they prevent memory loss. Blueberries are becoming an essential part of school going children to help them perform better at school.

    2. Teach Someone

    5 Smart Tips to Boost Your Cognitive Performance

    Researchers and scholars have confirmed that teaching someone a concept helps you to remember it better than any other way. Moreover, reading out loud also helps to remember things for long. This technique is known as The Protégé Effect.

    This concept has existed for centuries as is evident from Roman philosopher’s Seneca’s famous saying: “While we teach, we learn”. Teaching enhances brain power and prevents development of diseases like dementia and Alzheimers later in life.

    3. Exercise

    5 Smart Tips to Boost Your Cognitive Performance

    Physical exercise has proven to help enhance cognitive function. Exercising doesn’t only help keep the body fit but also sharpens brain activity. Lack of exercise not only causes obesity but can also weakens brain functioning and overall cognitive ability. Exercising enhances blood flow of oxygen and nutrients to and from the brain.

    If we look at the scientific reasoning behind this, we will find out that exercising increases serotonin levels in the brain, helping us fight depression and anxiety.  

    A 30 minute walk in the park daily would help. Remember to keep your heart rate up for a few minutes weekly, as it helps brain function. Other exercises include any aerobic physical activity, i.e. swimming, jogging, aquarobics, cycling and boxing.

    4. Modafinil

    No. you’re not in the Limitless series. Scientists have invented a brain power booster nootropic to increase energy levels and alertness that help you focus better than ever.

    These are called Modafinil. What a time to be alive. It is different from a caffeine boost and has become popular for its concentrating enhancing characteristics.

    Although clinically made for patients with sleep disorders and ADHD patients, it can be taken in controllable amounts to enhance your cognitive performance. You can easily buy Modafinil online but it’s better to consult your physician first before taking any kind of drugs.

    5. Relax while You Can

    5 Smart Tips to Boost Your Cognitive Performance

    As important as it is to stay active and exercise, it is equally important to relax yourself every once in a while. Deep breathing helps to release endorphins and reduce stress levels in our body. It is also important to have a good night sleep to wake up fresh the next day and for you to concentrate better.

    Remember, consistency is the key. If you start exercising and quit in a week, it won’t do any good. Do it less but do it consistently. Once you have developed these habits, you will notice a significant boost in your cognitive function.

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    Ibrahim is an IT consultant working from home. Besides consultancy, he frequently blogs about health and fitness issues at Rehab Report.