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5 Successful Ways to Detox Your Body Before a Drug Test

    Most jobs require a drug test when hiring new employees to show responsibility, integrity, and obedience to regional laws and ethical principles. Maybe your doctor prescribed kratom or delta 8 products to help you relieve pain and get rid of opioid addiction. How do you deal with such situations?

    The best way to eliminate drugs from your system is by abstaining from use in the first place. Unless medically prescribed, avoiding using drugs for at least 72 hours before an interview will ensure no THC elements in your blood. 

    According to studies, THC is detectable for up to 36 hours in saliva, 48 hours in blood, and three days to a month in urine, depending on the amount and frequency of use. Consider these few tips to detox your body to avoid missing that job opportunity.

    Use Detox Drinks

    There is not much evidence of the efficiency of detox drinks in cleansing the body of toxins or drug elements. Still, some studies suggest that they help the liver detoxification process. The main reason why people prefer detox drinks is that they are non-detectable in urine during testing. So, if you have an upcoming drug test, learn about champ detox pills to eliminate toxins.

    But how do detox drinks work? For starters, detox drinks increase the frequency of urination. When you pass urine most of the time, you will probably feel thirsty and drink more water which additionally cleans the blood. It is essential to know that most delta 8, delta 10, CBD, or kratom products undergo the first-pass metabolism in the liver and leave the system via urine. 

    Frequent urination, therefore, ensures more and faster drug elimination from the blood while leaving no traces of detoxification attempt. However, the effectiveness depends on the amount of drug in the blood, and it might not eliminate all the toxins.

    Another way detox drinks help you pass a drug test is by altering the urine composition. Most drug tests use urine or blood, and with altered components, the traces of THC or CBD might be meager. It is not guaranteed, though; the result might come out null, and you might have to go through a repeat or more advanced drug testing methods; this might be bad news for you. 

    In general, detox drinks may help you pass a drug test but will only partially eliminate the chemicals from the blood. A combination of other home remedies might be necessary.

    Do A Lot of Exercises

    Sweating is another crucial way of eliminating toxins from the blood. During rigorous exercises, the body eliminates any lactic acid formed by anaerobic respiration. Other toxins like drug elements also come out of the blood.

    Although this method is not so effective in reducing blood THC levels, it may be helpful in the long run. As you exercise, ensure you drink adequate water. Not enough exercise can detox your body from a drug if the interview is in the next few days, and you must not solely rely on workouts.

    Apply Hair Shampoo

    Some facilities use hair drug tests to detect THC. To be safe, apply hair shampoo before going for the drug test, no matter how long ago you used the drug. Though relative, a study indicates that THC is detectable in the hair up to eleven weeks after the last use. 

    While it seems just like a regular hair routine, the shampoo cleans the hair and removes any toxins from the hair shaft. It is essential to apply for it a couple of times a day for five to ten days before the test.  

    Using Mouthwash

    Testing drugs using saliva is a non-invasive method that most companies now use for testing applicants. It is a decent method and provides immediate results. So, if you are about to go for a drug test, it is vital to use a high formula mouthwash to clean any drug residue in the mouth. 

    A saliva test detects very recent or immediate drug use, and if you properly cleanse your mouth, you can get through a drug test an hour after consumption. This method is the easiest to pass, but you should be cautious as the test is sensitive and can detect even the slightest traces of the drug.

    Consider Homemade Remedies

    It might be challenging to follow detox routines if you have tight schedules. The time may not be on your side, but you can successfully get through a drug test with a few lifestyle changes.

    Enriching your diet with more fruits, vegetables, and natural herbs helps greatly. These foods incorporate vitamins A and C into your system within a few days to naturally detoxify the blood through their antioxidant properties.

    Hot water, lemon, and mint mixture can start you off effectively. Apple, pineapple, pomegranate, grapefruit, and cranberry juices are other potent antioxidants you can use. If you want to detox using natural remedies, you’ll probably have to start a month before the test. Otherwise, the results will be disappointing.


    It is prudent to avoid drug use if you desire a positive drug test. It is also unethical to cheat a drug test, and one should follow the due process to recover or detox. However, if you find yourself in a difficult situation, you can consider the ways elucidated above to pass a drug test.