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5 Surprising Ways Your Finances Can Affect Your Health

    You thought money was your biggest problem? Think again.

    Money issues may cause not only a financial burden but a physical one as well. The stress and culture of money troubles can literally make you sick.

    So not only is your bank account at stake but so are headaches, stomachaches, and heart attacks. You get the point; money issues = not great on all fronts.

    The list of ways money troubles can affect your health is extensive and surprising, but we will highlight a few of the more notable health issues.

    1. I Cannot Stress This Enough

    Ah, our good friend stress, the root of many of our health issues. And what is more stressful than money?

    In order to figure out how financial issues and stress can impact our lives, it is essential to understand the mechanism of stress and how it affects the body and mind.

    When the body is stressed, the hormones cortisol and adrenaline are released in order to prepare the body for a (fight or flight) response. Your heart beats faster and your vessels constrict; your body is physically reacting to stress.

    Whether you’re struggling to pay your bills or dodging calls for the cash loans you had to take out to pay rent last month, there is truly little more stressful than money.

    Of course, financial issues can cause stress, which can have a huge impact on itself, but a stressful environment is a perfect breeding ground for other illnesses. Debt and mental health are related to each other. Everyone should learn how to survive with debt by maintaining good physical and mental health.

    Stress has the potential to contribute to every single one of the following health issues.

    2. Your Stomach is Upset, Too

    When money is tight, nutritious foods and a balanced diet are often among the first things to be sacrificed. The cheapest prepared food is quick and easy but leaves little to be desired regarding health benefits.

    Turning to food for comfort can also be hazardous. There is a reason “eating your feelings” is a thing.

    Whether you are panic snacking on chips or not able to access healthier options, financial stress can wreak havoc on your digestive system.

    3. Interest Rate or Blood Pressure- What’s Higher?

    High blood pressure is a lurking health problem that can be created or made worse by financial stress.

    The American Heart Association identifies managing money problems and financial stress as a key way to control high blood pressure.

    Increased blood pressure can lead to several fatal diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, heart attacks, the list goes on.

    4. Dr. Internet

    Believe it or not, your favorite search engine does not replace professional health care and advice.

    It isn’t a secret that our health care system is sub-par. Medical care is not a given, and access isn’t a right. Insurance can be expensive and treatment without it is even more costly.

    Money troubles make it a bit trickier to afford insurance payments or preventative care. Even then, you might have to take off work for your appointment, and that costs money too!

    5. Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

    When your life is impeded by financial stressors, it is easy to become entrenched in unhealthy habits.

    You’ve likely heard a stressed out person say “I need a drink (or cigarette).” Having a drink to relax after a particularly long day can turn into two drinks, then 3, and maybe 10. After a while, this relaxing part of your day turns into a necessity; your morbid coping mechanism.

    Don’t Let Money Problems Affect Your Health

    Money problems have the potential to be deadly if we aren’t able to take care of ourselves properly. There are plenty of great free invoice template out there that you should know about.

    That is why it is so important to take care of your self and your body and not let finances affect your health. For more information about health, fitness, and lifestyle, visit the rest of our blog.