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5 Tech Gadgets That Make Life Easier for Seniors

    Many people believe that most senior citizens are either incapable of using technology to their advantage or unwilling to embrace the latest advancements. That’s not exactly the case according to recent reports. In fact, about 70 percent of modern seniors are online and in touch with the digital world. This helps them stay connected with friends and loved ones, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

    Numerous innovations are on the market these days. Some are designed primarily for entertainment whereas others are geared toward convenience. Certain devices combine the best of both worlds. Jeff Cleveland Clear Choice Health Care is dedicated to helping seniors make the most of the devices that can help make their lives simpler and more enjoyable. Five types of tech gadgets top the list.

    1) Video Doorbells

    Many seniors who still live in their homes are insecure about answering the door when someone comes to call. That’s certainly reasonable considering the growing number of home invasions taking place each year. Some elderly citizens can’t get to the door quickly or easily as well. Video doorbells allow people to see who’s at the door and speak with visitors before allowing them inside. Some have additional features, such as allowing people to contact the police if a situation doesn’t feel right.

    2) Tile Stickers

    Tile Stickers are small digital accessories that can be attached to keys, wallets, purses, and other items. If those items are misplaced, simply go to the accompanying app on a smartphone. It’ll locate the Tile Sticker in question and direct you to the item it’s attached to as long as it’s within 400 feet of the phone. Who among us couldn’t use something like this?

    3) Automated Pill Dispensers

    For those who take multiple medications at various times throughout the day, having pills divided up accordingly can be a lifesaver. Automated pill dispensers provide this convenience. Different models offer varying features, but they’re all designed to automatically dispense correct medications and dosages at just the right times. They can be programmed to follow any schedule, so remembering to take those vital medications isn’t quite so difficult, and the risks of forgetting them is greatly reduced.

    4) IoT Items

    For some time now, the internet of things has been expanding and evolving. For the senior who is proficient with a smartphone, an IoT item may be the perfect gift. With the right setup, your aging loved one could operate the lights, garage door, security system, oven, washer, dryer, television, vacuum, and many other household appliances and networks all courtesy of the IoT. That’s a significant step up from clapping the lights on and off.

    5) Senior-Oriented Tablets

    Numerous tablets are on the market right now. Some are so complicated, even tech-savvy teenagers struggle to operate them. Others have tiny displays that are difficult to decipher. Many are designed specifically for seniors, though. They offer simple operation, large print, and many other helpful features. Some come with their own private networks and integral wireless connections as well.

    Giving a Gift that Counts

    Senior citizens have diverse needs and expectations. Not all of our aging loved ones are interested in making technology a part of their lives. Others want to stay connected with the people they love but don’t care for the idea of automating their homes. If you’re looking for a tech gadget for a senior, be sure to keep his or her unique needs and level of tech-savviness in mind.