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5 Things To Consider When Shopping for Laundry Appliances

    When it comes to choosing a new washer and dryer, there are many things to consider before you commit to the purchase. The options may seem overwhelming at first, but when you take a few key factors into consideration, it will become easier to select the appliances that work best for you.

    1. How Much Can You Spend?

    When approaching any large purchase, you need to have a budget in mind that includes only the cost of the appliances but also delivery fees, if applicable. Another budgeting concern that many people don’t consider when buying appliances is the warranty. An inexpensive appliance can end up costing you more in the long run if you don’t have adequate warranty coverage. Take this into account when comparing costs. If you can afford to spend a little extra for a more comprehensive warranty, it may save you repair costs in the long run.

    2. How Much Space Do You Have?

    Regardless of the size of your budget, you still need to work within the constraints of your space. Measure the area where your laundry appliances will be installed, and be sure to check measurements before making a purchase. This is especially important if you are buying appliances online. The size and configuration of the space will also determine whether you need a front-load or top-load washing machine.

    3. What Capacity Do You Need?

    How much laundry will your new appliances need to handle? You will need machines with a larger capacity if you have a large family or many bulky items to wash.

    When comparing your options, you may notice that dryers tend to have a much larger capacity than washing machines. This is because items need more space to dry properly. Do not make the mistake of purchasing a dryer that is the same size or smaller than your washing machine; if you do, your clothes will not dry efficiently.

    4. What Features Do You Need?

    Do you frequently wash delicate items? Do you want to avoid wrinkles in your work shirts? Washing machines and dryers are available with many different features to suit your needs.

    For example, if you need a washing machine that can clean your children’s muddy clothes as well as your delicate linens, you’ll want a machine with a wide variety of temperature and cycle settings. If you have a busy schedule and can’t always remove clothes from the dryer right away, choose one with wrinkle prevention settings. Some dryers will tumble a finished load periodically until it is removed to prevent wrinkles.

    When shopping for a washer and dryer, keep your priorities in mind and consider how your new appliances will fit into your lifestyle.

    5. What Are Your Most Energy-Efficient Options?

    Keep your electric bill low and help the environment by choosing energy-efficient appliances. One factor to consider is the appliance’s energy rating, but there are other features to take into account as well.

    Washing in cold water straight from the tap uses considerably less energy than washing in warm water, so a washing machine with a “tap cold” temperature option can help conserve energy. Many washing machines can also adjust the water level to the size of the load, a necessary feature if you frequently wash small loads.

    When it comes to drying your clothes, a dryer with a moisture sensor can save energy by stopping the cycle when your clothes are dry. Not only does this conserve energy by preventing the dryer from running unnecessarily, but it is also gentler on your clothes, so they will last longer.

    When shopping for new appliances, it is important to take the needs of your household into account. There are many different choices available; take your time and consider your options carefully to make the best choice for your home.