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5 Things to Look for When Choosing the Right Rehab Center

    If you are looking for a rehab center, you have made the biggest decision recognizing that you cannot handle your addiction alone. If you are looking for a rehab center for someone you know and love, you want one that does what’s needed — and does so within your budget.

    5 things to look for:


    • Know your needs! Admitting you have a problem is not the same as identifying the problem. You should start with a full exam by a physician who knows your health history. The professional can diagnose the health effects of the dependency. For example, you may have incurred lung, kidney, or liver damage.


    Psychologists or counselors may offer advice on the problem and/or recommend therapies. Or, the court may mandate your enrollment in rehab.


    • Do the research! There are many choices for inpatient and outpatient care around most urban centers. But each of them provides various services, has varied skill sets, and a range of professionals. You may have questions like are there any drug rehab centers near me? Consider what will help you commit to rehab and help yourself.


    For example, you may want to do rehab in Seattle for a dual-diagnosis of alcohol and opioid addiction. Research on the Internet should take you to options suitable to your location, budget, schedule, and so on.


    • Pay a visit! Good rehab centers should make a good professional impression. You certainly want more than a methadone clinic. So, you should schedule a visit where you can get a feel for the workings and style.


    As US News reports, “The pricier centers typically include posh facilities with pools and private rooms and are often located in upscale neighborhoods, sometimes in the mountains or by the ocean. But opulent doesn’t always equate to quality.” You can tell a lot by the furnishings and cleanliness, but you should also assess the professionalism of the staff and services.



    • Manage the future! A good rehab program continues to care beyond your stay. It will have a relationship with 12-step programs, provide family counseling, and monitor your progress on a case management basis.



    But lasting care includes a significant nutrition component and fun social activities together with developing a sober companion and alumni relationship to influence future needs.


    • Maximize your bang for the buck! Your addiction needs may change. They may be unique to your age or gender. And, they may change over time. So, you need a rehab center equipped to handle diverse and custom requirements.



    An ideal program would include out-patient support along with gender-specific inpatient living and therapy plus detox facilities and halfway socialization to strengthen your return to society.

    What the experts say!

    The experts at NARCONON warn, “For a family making their choice from a bewildering variety of different programs and different promises, an education in what to look for in a program can save both money and heartbreak.” Another piece of advice recommends doing your research early. If someone’s had one or more incidents of worrisome behavior, you can expect the need for rehab to arise in the future.