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5 things to remember after a car crash in CT

    The aftermath of a road accident is always confusing. If you endured losses and injuries in a car crash in Connecticut, you should know that this is a fault state. The driver (or party) accountable for the accident is also liable for your losses. Before you file the claim for compensation, you should focus on getting legal advice from a legal expert. When you work with an experienced law firm, you have a better chance of recovering a fair amount. Here are five things to remember after a car crash in CT.

    1. Call the police: Don’t let the other driver talk you out of this decision. Even a minor accident can leave you with spinal cord or neck injuries. The police will do the job of documenting the accident and reviewing the details of all parties involved. You will need a copy of the accident report, also called the crash report.
    2. Record what you can. The police will only do their part of the work. If you want to file a claim, you should use the time at the scene to take pictures and videos. With everyone having a smartphone these days, this is an easy step. Pictures of your injuries, damaged vehicles, positions of various vehicles, and road conditions can be extremely handy.
    3. Note the names and addresses of witnesses. Following an accident, you can expect good Samaritans to come forward to help, and you should take the names and addresses of such witnesses. You can eventually contact them for statements.
    4. Don’t miss out on medical treatment. The accident may cause an adrenaline rush, which means you may not feel as much pain immediately. Regarding medical treatment and care, it is best to err on the side of caution. Always check with a doctor and follow their advice when it comes to physical therapy, medications, and other things.
    5. Call a good lawyer. Most law firms in CT will be happy to review your car crash claim, for which the lawyers won’t charge a fee. While you should have an injury lawyer without delay, make sure to check their details, work experience, and profile. The lawyer should have trial experience, although the chances are high that your claim will never go to litigation.

    The burden of proving the other driver’s fault can be tough to deal with, which is why hiring an attorney is even more important for your claim.