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5 Things To Remember When Using A CPAP Mask

    If you are someone who has suffered from sleep apnea for a long time, your doctor has probably suggested that you try a CPAP mask to take care of your problems. However, wearing a CPAP mask for the first time can be a serious adjustment, especially for someone that has never worn a mask or other device before while sleeping. However, if you can get used to sleeping with one of these masks on, you will be able to help yourself with your sleeping condition and find it easier to get a good night’s rest. 

    It Can Be Painful At First

    Wearing the mask for the first time can be painful for some people, so you need to be prepared for this before you try to sleep with it on. The pain will usually stem from the fact that you are not used to the mask, but it can also result from the fact that the mask may not be correctly sized. To ensure that you have the right size, you need to work closely with your doctor from the moment your prescription is written. If you experience persistent pain when using the mask even after a couple of days, go back to the doctor and try a different mask. Keep in mind that there are a variety of masks on the market, with varying designs. 

    Take The Time To Buy

    Shopping for a CPAP mask is not like any other kind of shopping, and for a first-timer shopper, it can be intimidating. There are several types and brands on the market that can make it hard for you to make a decision so you need to consider what you really need before you buy. For instance, some designs cover the entire face, with straps that stretch across the forehead and cheeks. You should look at a few different styles and brands before you make your final decision, so that you don’t end up being in pain later on. In addition to working closely with your doctor, make sure that you conduct your research before buying a mask. You may also want to consult a CPAP expert before making the final decision, because they will be able to inform you on which mask you should buy that will help you with your issues.

    You’ll Feel A Bit Of Pressure

    When you put the mask on for the first time, you may experience a bit of pressure, but this is normal. The pressure that you feel when wearing the mask stems from the fact that air blows through the mask to act as a breathing aid. The feeling may be strange at first, especially when you are using the mask for the first few nights. However, keep in mind that the benefits of the mask should outweigh the discomfort. There is no specific way of getting rid of this specific discomfort, but over time you should feel more used to wearing the mask and you won’t have to worry. Therefore, you have to persevere and you will get used to it in time.

    You May Experience Dryness

    Something that a lot of people experience when they use the CPAP mask for an extended period of time is that you might feel some dryness in your mouth, eyes and nose. This issue often happens because your body is not used to the pressurised air that is released through the mask. And while there is no way for you to stop this from happening to your body while using the mask, there are ways to limit these effects. A lot of people opt for a nasal saline before bed or they use a heated humidifier to keep their faces as moist as possible. These products will help to contain the issue when the mask is on, but you should feel fine once the mask is off throughout the day.

    Replace it when necessary

    Like with any product that you use every day over an extended period of time, you will need to replace your CPAP mask eventually as it gets older. Therefore, make sure to examine your mask regularly as it will help you figure out if you need a replacement. Most masks will need to be replaced every 3 months to 6 months depending on the make and model, so you should stop wearing your old mask and get a new one if you exceed this timeframe. There are many retailers out there that sell a range of CPAP masks and machines like CPAP Direct, so finding the right mask to replace your old one should be fairly easy. It is also important to clean your CPAP mask, machine and other attachments regularly so that you don’t need to replace them before you are expected to.

    It can be a hard adjustment to start wearing a CPAP mask to bed regularly, especially if you have never worn one before. During the first few nights of using the mask, you may be tempted to stop using it because of the discomfort, but the trick is to keep using it daily as it will help you adjust faster. Once you have adjusted, such issues as pressure and dryness will seem to disappear and you will be able to get the good night’s sleep that you truly deserve.