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5 Tips for Epilating the Bikini Line (#3 is the Most Important)

    How can you reduce pain from epilating the bikini line? You will find your answer in these 5 tips for epilating the bikini line. While finding your ideal epilating technique is no cake-walk. You can still stay safe and smart when it comes to epilation. Epilating the bikini line is the most effective hair removal technique.

    It removes the growth of unwanted hair and makes the hair soft. And reduces skin irritation. All this with the help of the following 5 tips for epilating the bikini line. All you have to do is read them carefully and try them out yourself!

    This goes without saying that buying the best epilator for bikini area is important. That’s the number one TIP for anyone looking to remove hair from the bikini line for the first time. Only with this, will the following 5 tips for epilating the bikini line be of proper aid to you.

    5 Tips for Epilating the Bikini Line – What You Need to Know

    #1 Do Not Keep Your Skin Loose


    There’s nothing worse than not keeping your skin taut while removing hair. Use one hand to slightly pull the area. This removes all hair easily and effectively. And it also reduces pain.

    By keeping your skin loose, skin cuts or irritation are not far away. The blades of the epilator run fast and pull hair from the roots. With a flexed skin, this doesn’t damage the outer skin layer.

    Pulling the skin tight near the bikini region is easy. It’s easier when you take smaller sections of your skin. The skin easily folds around the thighs, so keep one hand stretched out on your skin at all times. This will reduce the intensity of pain, especially for first-timers!

    #2 Trim If You Have Long Hair

    The bikini line is a sensitive area because it’s closest to the bone. A good way to begin epilation is by trimming long hair. Long hair can get stuck inside the blades of the epilator. This, in turn, might cause irritable pulling of the hair from the tip to the root. Making the entire epilating process painful and uncomfortable.

    The ideal length of hair for epilating is 1 to 2 millimeter. It’s about the same length of hair after 2-3 days of shaving. Epilating shorter hair feels comfortable, clean, and less painful.

    #3 Use It in the Opposite Direction of Hair Growth


    THIS you need to know. There are two ways to epilate the bikini line. You need to hold the epilator at 90-degrees to the skin. This gives you a better angle at removing hair from the root. And you can move the epilator around more comfortably in the bikini line.

    What’s equally important is epilating against the hair growth. If you press the epilator on the skin too hard, it could cause skin irritation. Pick up a circular motion to reduce pain. And also increase your chances of pulling hair from the root.

    Another good reason to go against the grain is hair growth. When you go with the grain, most times, the hair breaks off in the middle. This affects hair growth by making it thick and hard rather than soft and supple.

    #4 Exfoliate Before Epilating

    Exfoliation before epilation is good for hydration. It prepares your skin for what’s to come. You don’t want to epilate the bikini line when the skin is rough. If you want your skin to feel soft and shiny after, this is essential.

    What exfoliation also does is remove dead skin cells. This transforms your bikini line so there are less pain and discomfort. With dead skin cells, the hair is most likely to break off in the middle. This could damage the outer skin layer causing dryness and redness.

    #5 Moisturize After Epilating


    The bikini area is often sensitive and delicate after epilating. A good moisturizer can reduce inflammation in the region. Use aloe vera moisturizer to reduce sensitivity.

    When applying a moisturizer, it’s best to stick to chemical-free products. Do not apply lotion, cream, or body butter after epilation. Such products contain ingredients that may irritate your skin.

    A moisturizer contains 1-3 natural ingredients. This soothes and hydrates your skin.

    The End

    That’s it! You’ve made it through your first epilating experience. With these 5 tips for epilating the bikini line, you can avoid any mishap. It’s time to understand that you can’t be afraid of an epilator anymore.

    With proper tips and a good technique, it can be a painless and comfortable experience. Women who have a lot of hair around the bikini line, an epilator can reduce hair growth. Do it long enough and it has good health benefits. It makes your skin soft and reduces skin irritation. Plus, it removes hair from the roots, unlike shaving.

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