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5 Tips On Making a Long Distance Relationship Work

    Couples seem to be moving apart geographically while remaining intimately and emotionally close to each other in today’s world. Many people have chosen to take part in “long-distance relationships” today, a term which refers to relationships between partners who don’t live in the same locality. Partners may move away from each other for several reasons ranging from education and employment opportunities to caring for ageing parents. Long-distance relationships have become more common, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced people worldwide to stay indoors or live in isolation for months.

    Those in long-distance relationships may often feel anxious about the bond they share with their partner. In normal relationships, partners can share a great deal of physical intimacy and choose to meet or talk to their partner at almost any given time. Partners in a long-distance relationship do not have these luxuries and must come up with new and creative ways to keep their bond strong. However, today’s internet and advanced communications technologies have allowed for the creation of a “new normal” in relationships as well. Long-distance relationships are increasingly considered viable in today’s world as couples choose to stay in constant touch through real-time, immersive communication options.

    Ranging from movie dates through screen-sharing applications to engaging in hobbies together, people have gained the ability to spend quality time with their loved ones regardless of the physical distance between them today. Read on to learn more about the challenges that couples in long-distance relationships face and the creative methods they have used to keep their relationship going.

    Tips to Keep a Long-Distance Relationship Going Strong

    To make up for the lack of physical intimacy and contact that couples in long-distance relationships face, the following tips may be useful-

    1.  Find the right balance when it comes to communication- It is crucial for couples living apart to regularly keep in touch with each other. People in long-distance relationships may sometimes feel the need to overcompensate by calling or texting their partners too frequently, leading to problems. Discussing how often you want to talk with your partner, schedule time for each other, and give each other some privacy can do wonders in cementing your relationship.

    2.  Engaging in activities together virtually- Cooking, learning an instrument or a language, and having meals together are some activities that long-distance couples do together. Taking up new hobbies together or finding ways to partake in activities that you used to engage in before you moved apart can help you and your partner look forward to spending time with each other more.

    3.      Spicing things up, virtually- to make up for the lack of physical intimacy and contact, couples can engage in a wide range of activities that can help keep passions running high. Some examples of these are cybersex and sharing intimate pictures. Using  sex toys that respond to real-time inputs from remote users is a creative way to help long-distance couples regain a sense of intimacy. A wide range of adult toys is now available online for couples to choose from, which cater to the needs of different kinds of couples.

    4.      Exchanging gifts- Gift-giving is a common way for people to express their love for each other. thanks to online retail stores, you can easily send gifts to your partner at the click of a button from the other side of the world. Surprising your partner by buying them something that reminds you of them or holds special significance between the two of you is a great way to show them how much they mean to you.

    5.      Plan to meet in person whenever possible- Visiting a long-distance partner is something that one would always look forward to. While relationships can be sustained despite the distance, couples need to also plan timely visits. Spending a few days with your loved one can even revitalize a relationship on the verge of falling apart. At the same time, one must not overcompensate by packing each visit with meaningful activities or travel plans. Sometimes, spending a quiet night indoors in each other’s company is the perfect way to have quality time together.


    Long-distance relationships require couples to be more thoughtful and creative in finding ways to sustain their bond. Several options are available today for long-distance couples to keep in touch with each other and maintain a degree of intimacy that would not have been possible in the past. Gone are the days when one needs to wait for weeks to receive word from their partner through letters. Instantaneous, real-time communication options such as video-calling have made long-distance relationships more viable today. Couples can also take part in exciting virtual activities, like using sex toys that respond to real-time, remote inputs and those that use Virtual Reality (VR) technology to provide a truly immersive experience. While education, employment, and other priorities are pulling people apart physically, couples have still managed to find ways to keep their bond strong.