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5 Tips To Be Prepared For A Successful LASIK Surgery

    LASIK eye surgery is a vision correction technique that has emerged as a popular option for patients who want to get rid of prescription glasses or contact lenses for good. It is risk-free and has a high success rate, in addition to the benefits of being performed quickly and enabling the patient to recover speedily. If you are planning to opt for this procedure, here are a few tips that can help you to be prepared for a successful one.

    1. Get an initial checkup to determine eligibility

    To start with, get an initial eye checkup from your eye specialist to determine your suitability for LASIK. The doctor will give you a complete diagnosis of the status of your vision. Besides this, you can also get guidance related to other factors that may determine the candidacy for the surgery, such as age, eye health, general health, and lifestyle.

    1. Choose an experienced LASIK specialist

    Once your eye specialist thinks that you are good to go, you can ask him or her to recommend an experienced surgeon to perform the procedure. Choose someone with a good track record and reputation because this procedure requires a great deal of skill, precision, and dexterity. Also, ensure that the clinic you choose uses the latest equipment and technologies.

    1. Clarify all your doubts

    Before going for the surgery, clarify all the doubts you have about the procedure. Ask questions related to the Cost of LASIK, expected the time of surgery and recovery and the precautions that you would need to take before the surgery and during the recovery phase. If you are concerned about the pain, complications and success rate, go ahead and discuss them clearly.

    1. Swap contact lenses with glasses

    As a part of the preparation for the procedure, you will need to ditch your contact lenses and start wearing glasses instead. Ideally, this needs to be done a week before the procedure if you wear soft lenses while a gap of three to four weeks is recommended for those who wear hard lenses. Contact lenses alter the shape of the cornea, which can affect the precision of measurements. This is the reason that they have to be discontinued before the surgery.

    1. Avoid wearing makeup

    Another precaution that you must take prior to LASIK is to avoid wearing makeup a few days before the procedure. Do not use eye makeup, creams, lotions or perfumes to prevent infections during or after the surgery. Washing your eyes and eyelashes clears the debris, if any and ensures that you go clean and fresh for the surgery.

    Following these simple tips can have a significant influence on the success rate of your LASIK surgery and makes you feel confident as well. Also, make sure that you have a friend or family member to accompany you to the clinic on the day of the surgery because you will need someone to drive you back home. Take rest for a few days and follow all the precautions that the doctor has listed for speedy and effective recovery.