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5 Tips to Have the Best Smile in the Room

    According to a recent survey, 1 in 7 Americans feels self-conscious about their teeth. You’ll have the best smile in the room if you follow certain golden rules.

    57% of Americans cover their mouths when they laugh due to feeling insecure about their smiles. Feelings of insecurity negatively affect your mental health, but improving your smile will boost your self-esteem to a whole new level.

    You deserve to feel confident in your smile. Your happiness is worth sharing with the world. Fortunately, it’s easier to improve your smile than you think.

    Here are five tips to have the best smile:

    1. Practice Good Oral Hygiene

    Make sure you take care of your teeth every day. Brush them twice a day and floss daily. Turning these actions into a routine will whiten and brighten your smile.

    Don’t forget to (gently) brush your gum line, which is right where your gums meet your teeth. This prevents bacteria from building up, contributing to plaque formation, and yellowing your smile.

    1. See a Periodontist

    The best way to take care of your smile is to seek professional help. A periodontist has the expertise needed to transform your smile into pure brilliance.

    Look into what kinds of periodontal services will benefit you. These professional services include routine dental cleaning, full mouth debridement, and more. The aforementioned link will educate you on some of the services available to you.

    1. Stop Smoking

    Smoking is detrimental to your dental health in general, which negatively impacts your smile. Cigarettes turn your teeth yellow and give you bad breath. If you don’t smoke, commit to never picking up the habit.

    However, if you’re a smoker, know that cutting down on cigarettes will have a noticeable brightening effect on your teeth. Let a brighter smile be your motivation to quit smoking for good.

    1. Drink More Water and Avoid Certain Beverages

    Increasing your water intake is a legitimate way to take care of your teeth. Bottled water is okay, but tap water is better for your teeth.

    Drinking tap water for its fluoride content will strengthen your teeth. Having stronger teeth will improve your smile.

    Avoid drinking coffee, tea, and red wine, as all of these beverages stain your teeth. Once again, though: Simply reducing your intake goes a long way with your smile.

    1. Increase Your Genuine Happiness

    The best kind of smile is confident, happy, and authentic. You’ll only smile with confidence if you’re genuinely happy. Genuine happiness makes your eyes and smile beam so much, you enchant whoever you’re talking to.

    Make time for your pleasure by doing things that make you feel good. Use your interests and hobbies to guide your pleasure-seeking process. The happier you are, the more it’ll shine through your smile.

    Live Your Best Life With Your Best Smile

    The United Nations’ World Happiness Report claims Finland and Denmark are the happiest countries in the world. Fortunately, enjoying your best smile is something you can do anywhere.

    Surrounding yourself with positive, supportive people will significantly contribute to your happiness. That makes smiling feel more effortless than ever, but so does spending quality time with yourself.

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