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5 Tips to Take Care of Your Breast

    Most women regularly check their breasts hoping they would not find any lumps or bumps. Not finding any doesn’t mean your breasts are in the best condition. There are other factors to consider to having healthy and beautiful breasts. Every woman should have a comprehensive breast-care routine to maintain her breasts in perfect condition. The skin, being the largest organ in the body, should be our main priority when minding about our health. According to the journal, Genome Biology, breast tissue ages faster than the rest of the body. It is essential for women to think about their bodies, even more so, their breasts. There are several tips online on how to take care of your breasts. The following are a few important ones.

    Do frequent breast examination

    Nothing is more important in women’s health than breast exams. There are others, of course, but this is one of the most important ways to detect breast cancer and other breast-related illnesses. Prevention is better than cure; therefore, breast exams should be done at least once monthly. Research says that all women should do self-exams after their periods and monthly after menopause. When doing a self-exam, inspect your breasts using your hands and eyes to determine whether there are any abnormal changes. It also helps you understand the standard feel and look of your breasts. You could also seek medical expertise by using a mammogram to take x-ray images of your chest.

    Massage your breasts

    Breast massage is essential for the breast’s overall health and well-being. The easiest way to massage your breasts is by using the Taoists Breast Massage technique which involves circulating your hand slowly on your breasts. You can warm your hands with or without oil and gradually massage your breasts in a circular motion. Massage helps in blood circulation and it also facilitates the excretion of prolactin, breast enlargement hormone. Study shows numerous advantages of massage to keep your breasts healthy. They include; Anti-aging effects through the secretion of oxytocin, estrogen & estrogen and elevation of your mood, relieving stress and depression. Massage also reduces the risk of breast cancer and facilitates better sexual stimulation by making them more sensitive to touch.

    Wear a fitting bra

    Many people talk about bras and several myths about what they can do. Some people say they prevent sagging. This could not be farther from reality. Wearing the right size of bra is vital for your comfort and general breast health. It would be best if you wore the correct size sports bras to avoid straining your breast muscles. They also ease discomfort and reduces breast movements. Plus size sports bras are also available in the market. Additionally, breast ligaments sag and overstretch when not appropriately supported. Since breasts are known to change over time, you should get them measured at least twice annually.


    The skin on your breast is sensitive and thin, lying very close to the sternum. This means it can dry easily and get ashy, causing itchiness and irritation. During winter, it is likely for your breasts to dry. This season also contributes to skin dryness. You need to apply thick lotion regularly on the crepey and thin skin. There are good moisturizers recommended by dermatologists. Dermatology experts also suggest those that bind water to the body such as cocoa butter and hyaluronic acid. It only takes a few seconds for your breasts to feel great. It could also be a good time for self-examination.

    Use sunscreen

    Breasts are very sensitive. You may find a 30-year-old woman with a 55-year-old’s skin. The cause of splotchy and freckly skin is negligence in giving the sensitive breast skin the proper care it deserves. The chest is a prime spot for sun rays and most people are likely to have suffered burns at least once. Covering them with clothes doesn’t guarantee they are safe from sunlight. It is essential to use sunscreen regularly. Dermatology experts recommend the use of an SPF of 60 and above for breasts. Sunscreen may prevent sagging and protect the risks of getting skin cancer. It is also vital to avoid any other creams, especially those used for breast enlargement. Every woman should be aware that these creams have no use.