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5 Useful Gadgets For Doctors For a Productive Medical Practice

    Modern technology is progressing at a rapid pace. It’s becoming easier and easier to help your patients optimize their health, but staying on top of new technology? That’s not as easy.

    If you’re looking for new ways to do everything from managing your patient’s charts to monitoring the current state of their health, then you’re in luck! Read on to learn about the best gadgets for doctors!

    1. Smart Notebooks

    There’s not a doctor or nurse on earth that loves charting. Writing down physical notes and then uploading the information into a centralized system is a pain and a tremendous waste of time. Thankfully, today’s tech has made this process easier and faster with smart notebooks.

    With smart notebooks, you can do everything you previously did with a pen and paper and streamline the process. You can use a pen with a smart notebook or you can photograph and upload your notes super fast with apps like Rocketbook.

    From a patient perspective, smart notebooks help in easy access of prescription and medical history. The best GP in Dubai use Smart Notebooks to help them in their efficient dealings with patients. They have all medical records and past prescriptions right on hand to make the best diagnosis and treatment options.

    1. Remote Cardiac Monitor

    Want to make sure your high-risk patients are monitored on a regular basis and have easy access to emergency services if they have a heart attack or go into cardiac arrest?

    Remote cardiac monitors do just that.

    One of the best monitors is the BodyGuardian. This piece of tech stays attached to your patients and uploads data to the cloud. This gives you access to their data so you can provide support when necessary or refer them to emergency services.

    1. Pulse Oximeters

    Want to make sure that your patients are getting enough oxygen, then you need to keep a supply of pulse oximeters at your office.

    Pulse oximeters a simple device that slides on the index finger of your patient’s dominant hand to determine what their blood oxygen levels are. Make sure to do your research to find the best pulse oximeter for the most accurate readings.

    1. Air Quality Monitors

    Do you have a lot of patients coming in complaining about respiratory issues? Between outdoor allergies and a seemingly nonstop plume of sand from the Sahara, it’s hard to determine the root cause.

    Air quality monitors like AtmoTube monitor outdoor pollution and send information to your phone. This gives you some information about what’s going on outside and what could be contributing to respiratory issues.

    1. Bluetooth Stethoscopes

    The days of checking your patients’ vital signs with a standard stethoscope are over. Bluetooth stethoscopes now have the capability to record and store the sounds coming from your patient’s heart and lungs.

    This allows you to go back and listen to the sounds or seek a second opinion if you aren’t sure what’s going on. 

    Loved These Gadgets for Doctors?

    There are tons of gadgets for doctors on the market. Some of these gadgets will help you streamline your practice, while others will enable you to get a better glance at the current state of your patients’ health. They’re all a great investment and can help revolutionize the quality of your care.

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