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5 Useful Tips if You Are Going to Get Root Canal Treatment

    Getting a root canal treatment can help you to save your tooth even though it is severely decayed. If your dentist has recommended it then it probably means that the cavity has reached the pulp of the tooth.


    Despite any horror stories you may have heard about how painful root canals can be, you don’t have to worry too much. As a matter of fact if you are fully prepared and careful, your root canal treatment could be relatively painless.


    Eat Before the Treatment


    After your root canal treatment your mouth will feel numb due to the anesthesia, which will make eating difficult. On top of that some parts may be inflamed, so it isn’t really a good idea.


    Skipping eating is just as bad and will deprive your body of nutrients that it needs to heal. Instead, your best option is to try to make it a point to eat a few hours before you visit your dentist.


    Prepare Painkillers


    Painkillers can be very useful if you’re getting a root canal. After the treatment you may start to feel a bit sore when the anesthesia wears off, and taking some over the counter painkillers will help with that.


    If you already have some inflammation near the tooth it could help to take some painkillers a couple of hours before the treatment as well. It is best if you ask your dentist about this however.


    Do Not Delay Too Long


    The longer you delay before getting a root canal, the worse the cavity will become. If you delay for too long there is a risk that the infection could spread to other teeth as well, and you may end up requiring multiple treatments.


    Although there is no need to rush into it, you should make it a point to clear up any concerns that you may have and schedule the treatment as soon as possible.


    Keep the Area Extra Clean


    Before your root canal, you will want to do as much as you can to keep the affected area clean. The last thing that you want is for the infection to get worse, and if possible you should brush thoroughly before you head to the dentist.


    After the treatment it is just as important to keep the area clean. If you aren’t careful you could end up with a new infection, or food particles could end up getting stuck near the area and cause various complications.


    Avoid Smoking and Drinking


    Two habits that you should avoid completely before and after your root canal are smoking and drinking. Smoking can lead to infections, and will slow down the healing process which will mean that you take longer to recover.


    In a similar fashion, drinking alcohol after the treatment will increase the recovery time as well. If you consume alcohol before a root canal it will dry out your mouth and could result in other complications.




    While these tips can be useful and help you to painless go through and recover from a root canal, at the end of the day you should ask your dentist to find out more. It would be best if you fully understand the procedure that you’ll go through for a root canal treatment in Harley Street or elsewhere.


    Keep in mind that if you start to feel intense pain at any point after the treatment, you should definitely book an appointment and inform your dentist. Generally you should only feel some mild discomfiture after a root canal however, and only for a few days at most.